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Truck cab cleaning, comfort tips to keep your drivers safe

No script? No plan? No problem. Welcome to Fleet Equipment Unscripted—the video interview series that connects you with the greatest minds in the heavy-duty trucking world. Hours-of-service exemptions that have your truck drivers working long hours to deliver essential goods. Stay at home orders that have closed restaurants or drivers that want to socially distance

Do you know the cost of in-cab corrosion?

How to avoid one of the biggest issues in trucking today It’s that pesky neighbor who won’t go away, or the monster under the bed when you’re a kid. You know it’s there, even if you can’t always see it. I’m referring to in-cab corrosion, one of the costliest issues facing fleets in the waste

Fitting cab and chassis designs to the needs of vocational trucks

OEM designs and resources are making upfitting easier than ever for vocational truck operators.

Rand McNally launches new dashboard tablet

Rand McNally has released the TND Tablet 85, a new dashboard tablet that the company says is fueled by navigation software built for professional drivers. The device is centered around Rand Navigation 2.0, which features truck routing, a clean interface, crowdsourced reviews and new visuals, the company says. To power the new navigation software, the

Continental offers MultiViu Professional cluster-style displays for truck dashboards/cockpit

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental, has released its Continental MultiViu Professional instrument cluster-style displays for a range of truck dashboard and cockpit design applications.

Western Star brings tough to technology

Just because a job is hard doesn’t mean that the solution has to be. The Western Star team tackles it from all angles.

The finishing touch: Paints and finishes that ‘wow’ and protect

Those smooth lines. That clean finish. Is there anything more inspiring than a beautifully finished truck ready to hit the road and get the job done? In today’s trucking industry, a well-maintained truck finish reflects the detail-oriented, hard-working philosophy of the fleet. But every day your rolling road warriors are fighting a battle against road

Paint Finish Fleets Protect