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SAF-Holland introduces fifth wheel system with auto lighting to ensure proper coupling

SAF-Holland has introduced ELI-te, a new automatic lighting system to help drivers consistently ensure a proper coupling on their fifth wheel. The Electronic Lock Indicator technology-enhanced ELI-te Fifth Wheel Coupling Assistant is available as an integrated option on the Holland FW35 series fifth wheels. According to SAF-Holland, the ELI-te fifth wheel was designed to assist drivers

SAF-Holland introduces the CBX40 AeroBeam sliding air suspension system

SAF-Holland has introduced the new CBX40 AeroBeam sliding tandem axle air suspension. Designed for greater fleet efficiency, the SAF CBX40 AeroBeam Slider Suspension has a base weight of 1,267 lbs., 85 lbs. lighter overall than the previous generation CBX40 and 27 lbs. lighter than the nearest competitive slider suspension, the company said. Per Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Phase 2 legislation, the

Navistar makes SAF-Holland fifth wheels standard on all International trucks

Navistar has announced that it is making SAF-Holland its standard fifth wheel position bearer on all International trucks, including making SAF-Holland’s FW17 the standard on the new LT series. “SAF-Holland is honored that Navistar chose Holland as its standard fifth wheel on International trucks,’” said Jeff Talaga, SAF-Holland’s vice president of sales and strategic development for the

The inside scoop on spec’ing axles and brake ratings

For optimum performance and safety, brakes and suspensions need to be a match and work well together. So what do fleets need to know? Fleet Equipment asked major suppliers to provide the inside information.

SAF-Holland introduces its P89, P89 Plus air disc brakes

SAF-Holland Inc. has introduced its new P89 Air Disc Brake Series. Designed with the commercial fleet in mind, P89 air disc brakes provide improved braking performance, extended service intervals, and ease of maintenance, according to SAF-Holland. “We are able to pass this cost savings to our North American fleet customers and for the first time put air disc

Applying the brakes: Ensuring the future of truck safety

Advanced safety systems that employ radar- and camera-based technologies that enable adaptive cruise control and even autonomous truck operation rely heavily on one specific component—the brakes. The safety of these futuristic collision mitigation systems rests squarely on proper brake application, operation and maintenance. “It’s important to keep in mind that advances in collision mitigation technology

Bendix Wingman Fusion
SAF-Holland offers Gabriel heavy-duty shocks

SAF-Holland Inc. will include Gabriel heavy-duty shock products, the FleetLine and GasSLX product lines, in its Gold Line Quality Parts brand offering, the two companies announced. The Gold Line offering will expand the products SAF-Holland supplies to the aftermarket in order to further enhance and serve aftermarket customers, SAF-Holland says. With Gold Line, SAF-Holland says it

Saving fuel, improving efficiency with lift axles

Lift axles, so named for the attached air bags or springs that lift the axle off the road’s surface when it is not needed, are becoming an increasingly popular option for fleets. Lift axles can be mounted on either the truck or the trailer, and promise fuel and tire savings since the axle is only

How bridge formula laws impact lift axle design

One important aspect affecting the spec’ing of lift axles is the Bridge Formula, which was created by the federal government in order to keep bridges from becoming too overloaded. This federal law states that two or more consecutive axles may not exceed the weight computed by the Bridge Formula even though single axles, tandem axles

SAF-Holland introduces Holland AAR kingpin system

SAF-Holland has introduced its new removable and replaceable Holland 2-in. AAR kingpin system for hot dip galvanized upper couplers. Designed to meet AAR specifications, the patented system features a specially machined kingpin housing and kingpin. The kingpin housing is welded into the upper coupler of the trailer prior to the hot dip galvanization process allowing for complete upper

SAF-Holland becomes Vipar Heavy Duty supplier partner

SAF-Holland Inc. has announced that it has joined the list of supplier partners for Vipar Heavy Duty. SAF-Holland and Vipar Heavy Duty developed a U.S. program, which will include products from SAF-Holland brands SAF, Holland, NEWAY, Binkley, and SAF-Holland Original Parts’ latest product line, Gold Line Quality Parts. The Vipar Heavy Duty network will enable SAF-Holland to

SAF-Holland recommends the following steps
To protect and serve: The value of air ride suspensions

When it comes to specifying the right system, fleets need to rely on the expertise of suppliers. For example, Jim Rushe, program manager of on-highway trailer products at Hendrickson International, says that “Hendrickson has a sales and service network that works directly with the fleet to understand its anticipated cargo and the equipment operating conditions.