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SAF-Holland acquires trailer tire pressure management company PressureGuard

SAF-Holland announced that it has acquired a majority stake in PressureGuard LLC, an automatic tire pressure management specialist based in Nashville, Tenn. The deal gives SAF-Hooland a 51% stake in Pressure Guard, effective Jan. 9. A purchase option for the remaining outstanding shares in the company was agreed between SAF-Holland and the previous owner, Servitech Industries,

The specific application needs of vocational truck suspensions

The first question you need to ask when spec’ing trucking equipment is a simple one: What’s it going to be doing? Understanding the application and what’s necessary for the equipment to perform properly is the most important thing to know before making any purchasing decision. Take vocational suspensions, for example. They have different needs than

Xtra Lease to offer SAF-Holland P89 air disc brake

Xtra Lease announced that it is installing SAF-Holland’s P89 air disc brakes on more than 6,000 of its over-the-road dry vans and reefers purchased in 2018. According to Xtra Lease, the reasons for choosing the P89 air disc brakes for its trailers include the following: The ability to provide a lower maintenance trailer to fleets

Avoiding lighting problems and CSA citations

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) lighting violations or safety concerns often result from intermittent flickering of lights, diodes being out on LED lights, voltage drop on double or triple trailer configurations and non-functioning lights on the trailer. “Just one inoperable lamp can make a law enforcement official suspect that the vehicle, the driver and the fleet

How GHG regulations are impacting suspensions

Engines are the most obvious truck part that is affected by the GHG regulations, but suspensions aren’t far behind. The designs of suspensions made in the last few years are noticeably being modified to accommodate fleets’ continued desire to cut their trucks’ weight. “Since a suspension doesn’t rotate 360 degrees (no frictional or rolling resistance

SAF-Holland announces a retrofit kit for its Holland ELI-te fifth wheel coupling assistant

SAF-Holland, global manufacturer of trailer suspension and axle systems, truck suspensions, fifth wheels, landing gear, and coupling products, introduced the retrofit kit for its new automatic fifth wheel lighting system–Electronic Lock Indicator (ELI-te)–at the North American Commercial Vehicle show. Designed for Holland FW35 Series Fifth Wheels, the ELI-te uses state-of-the-art components to ensure robust performance

SAF-Holland introduces the Neway LSZ20K auxiliary steerable lift axle suspension system

SAF-Holland introduced its large-capacity 20K Neway LSZ auxiliary steerable lift axle suspension system at the North American Commercial Vehicle show. With an 18.3-in. package size, the LSZ’s design is up to 8 in. shorter than comparable lift axles, allowing more flexibility and providing extra frame rail space for additional equipment, SAF-Holland explained. Additionally, the LSZ

Maintenance tips for truck brake friction

In terms of brake friction maintenance, there is a lot more to look out for beyond whether the pads or friction is worn. The surrounding parts should also be checked in any inspection. For our in-depth story on brake friction, we interviewed brake experts from Bendix, Haldex, Hendrickson, Meritor, SAF-Holland, TMD Friction and WABCO. These

What you need to know about brake friction

If you are spec’ing brakes, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that lately, the brake market is increasingly split into two categories: the tried-and-true drum brakes, and the up-and-coming air disc brakes (ADBs). Although most heavy-duty vehicles on the road still use traditional drum brakes, which cost quite a bit less than disc

SAF-Holland expands Arkansas operations

SAF-Holland announced that it is expanding its operations in Dumas, Arkansas. As part of the expansion, the company will open a new facility in the old Federal-Mogul building. The expansion of the Dumas operations takes place in the overall context of the ongoing restructuring of the North American plant network. The production network is currently being

SAF-Holland recommends the following steps
Answering your trailer brake questions

Being the crucial pieces of equipment they are, brakes are always on the forefronts of fleet managers’ minds when it comes to upgrades and maintenance. With the continued steady growth of disc brake adoption on both tractors and trailers, you may have some questions, like whether to use disc brakes or drum brakes on your

Check your brakes: Putting a stop to brake-related CSA issues

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s CSA violations should be an unnecessary problem, especially since they can lead to costly delays, and unexpected downtime may cause fleets to lose customers not only because of delays. After citations related to lighting problems, brakes are the second most commonly penalized item—18.7% of violations handed out by the CVSA in