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Omnitracs announces intent to acquire SmartDrive

Omnitracs, LLC and SmartDrive have entered into a definitive agreement for Omnitracs to acquire SmartDrive. “By integrating SmartDrive’s unparalleled transportation intelligence platform, video safety hardware and risk analysis service offering with the Omnitracs One platform, we can deliver a converged solution built on AI and ML that redefines the future of commercial transportation today. Real-time

SmartDrive releases two new driver safety telematics offerings

SmartDrive Systems announced the release of SmartSense for Speeding for Conditions and SmartSense for Sitting Duck, new intelligent driver-assist offerings. According to the company, SmartSense for Speeding for Conditions helps fleets alert drivers so they can avoid driving too fast in poor weather or road conditions; while SmartSense for Sitting Duck assists drivers who may

Truck driver-facing cameras: Point/Counterpoint

No matter how you feel about the idea of driver-facing cameras, the best way to implement them is by prefacing their installation with clear communication to your drivers.

Keeping pace with technology and preventing driver burnout

In the midst of the longstanding driver shortage, it’s more critical than ever that fleet managers utilize all resources to help drivers seamlessly transition to work alongside technology and maintain safety on the road. Drivers also need to be prepared to adapt to changes well into the future. Here’s how to keep pace.

The growing benefits of video telematics

The true benefit of telematics is to see things you couldn’t see before. Whether that’s exact numbers and data or blind spots on the road, what telematics provides is insight and visibility into what’s going on with your fleet. And what could provide more visibility than cameras? Today, many fleets are making use of video

SmartDrive announces collaboration with Geotab

SmartDrive Systems has announced a collaboration with Geotab to provide fleets with integrated solutions that leverage the SmartDrive platform as a single on-board data collection hub. “The ability to integrate and operate applications from a single data collection platform breaks through significant technology and operational barriers—unlocking efficiency gains for fleets across routes, drivers and risk,” said Steve Mitgang, chief

The pros and cons of truck driver-facing cameras

Put yourself in the shoes of a truck driver—the person you depend on to operate your equipment as efficiently and productively as possible. Your life is spent on the road, and while you have a schedule and goals to hit (MPG levels, on-time deliveries, etc.), above all, one of the great perks of your job

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How driver-facing cameras work

Driver-facing cameras are generally part of a larger video telematics system, which is made up of a series of cameras and sensors that monitor driver and truck behavior and set alerts to the fleet manager if certain parameters are exceeded or violated. These parameters are typically customizable and are set by the fleet—for instance, a

SmartDrive debuts SmartIQ Beat, a transportation industry insights and trends blog

SmartDrive Systems has announced the debut of SmartIQ Beat, a blog focusing on a range of transportation industry insights and trends from safety and operations to technology and regulatory compliance, from an analytical viewpoint. Smart IQ Beat Snapshots provide in-depth analysis and metrics of top fleet performance trends based on SmartDrive’s database of over 140 million

Enhancing safety through vehicle visibility

One year ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a final rule requiring rear visibility technology in all new vehicles under 10,000 lbs. GVWR by May 2018. At the time, it noted that the new rule “enhances the safety of these vehicles by significantly reducing the risk of fatalities

Filtering out the noise: Realizing the ROI of safety solutions

There are key features of any safety solution that can lead to improved performance and a faster return on investment. Among those is an open platform—one that has the ability to fit within an existing technology environment and with future system investments. Simply put, you can realize value and a quick ROI for safety solutions

Realizing the ROI of safety solutions
Safety first at Verst: Driver and equipment initiatives at Verst Group Logistics are resulting in impressive safety performance

“When it comes to safety, we are best served by addressing behaviors, focusing on avoiding and preventing risk,” says Christopher Cusick, vice president, transportation at Verst Group Logistics. “We don’t need to spend time teaching drivers how to drive trucks.” Verst Group, headquartered in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio, corridor, is taking a multi-faceted approach to

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