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Toyo announces a new size for its M320 wide base super single tire for tough on/off highway use

Toyo announced a new 425/65R22.5 size for its M320 wide-base super single tire. Designed for tough on/off highway use in applications such as dump trucks, concrete mixers and refuse trucks, the M320 is the ideal solution for durability in construction and refuse hauling applications, the company says.

Timken designs new bearing for wide singles

Wherever wheels or shafts turn, from disk drives to drilling rigs, from dental drills to rolling mills, Timken products improve performance.

Lyna Manufacturing offers innovative tire solution to North American truck fleets and owner-operators

Lyna Manufacturing Inc., a provider of innovative tire maintenance solutions and programs, is offering its proven Green technology.

Michelin XDA5 tire’s tread technology delivers increased life

Michelin said its revolutionary new commercial truck drive tire, the Michelin XDA5, has been engineered using Michelin Durable Technologies to dramatically increase the tire’s service life by 30 percent or more, while maintaining performance.

Michelin’s newest innovation: Tires that regenerate themselves

The Michelin announced the introduction of the XDA5 tire, which the company says delivers 30 percent more tread life. Recently, Michelin unveiled the latest innovation from its Michelin Durable Technologies research – the new XDA5 drive tire for Class 8 trucks.

Ken-Tool Debuts ‘TPMS Sentry’ Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tool

Ken-Tool said its new "TPMS Sentry,” is designed for use on vehicles with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, which protects valuable valve stem sensors that mount through the valve hole.

Dana Announces Availability of SmartWave TPMS at International dealerships

Dana Corp.’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group announced that its SmartWave TPMS tire pressure monitoring system is now available for retrofit installation through International Truck dealerships.

Dana Announces Availability of SmartWave

Dana Corp.’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group announced that its SmartWave TPMS tire pressure monitoring system is now available for retrofit installation on a variety of commercial truck models through original equipment dealerships.

Mobile Awareness offers new TPMS

Mobile Awareness released new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) products geared toward commercial trucks, utility vehicles, RVs and trailers.

IMI offers self-adjusting balancing for HD trucks

Tire balancing options for the trucking industry have expanded with two new offerings from International Marketing Inc. (IMI). The company that ushered in new tire balancing more than 15 years ago with its inside-the-tire option, Equal, is putting the same self-adjusting, dynamic balancing concept to use outside the tire with the launch of XACTBalance 180s and XACTBalance Truck.

Bridgestone radials designed for severe service

Bridgestone said its new M860 all-position on/off-highway radials deliver outstanding tread life, durable beads and sidewalls and retread ability. M860 radials are engineered for refuse and other severe-service trucks, and to carry extremely heavy loads, even at sustained 65-mph highway speeds.

PSI adds marks to MTIS hoses

Pressure Systems International added clearly identifiable markings to the flexible valve stem connection hoses of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI. The new look incorporates a yellow stripe and the PSI name so they can be clearly recognized as proprietary MTIS hoses.