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Trimble announced enhancements to its Video Intelligence platform


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Trimble has announced two enhancements to its Video Intelligence platform: the introduction of the Intelliview feature and the availability of a new camera and digital video recorder (DVR) that capture high-definition (HD) video.

Intelliview helps filter different Onboard Event Recordings (OER)-triggered events by categorizing videos as primary or secondary risks, bringing the most critical videos to the forefront so fleets may take immediate action. The Intelliview feature uses computer vision in conjunction with machine learning to create algorithms designed to detect patterns in large data sets and to predict outcomes with reliable, effective, and repeatable results.


Trimble also announced the debut of a new HD camera that provides 720p HD resolution, which has twice the shutter speed and captures video at three times the pixel quality of previous cameras available as part of the Video Intelligence solution. The new HD DVR is equipped with a 4G LTE modem and captures video at HD resolution. The HD DVR is fully compatible with all Video Intelligence cameras.

“Intelliview is the latest milestone in the evolution of Video Intelligence and will enable fleets to save time by focusing on the videos, drivers and driver behaviors that require immediate attention to reduce risk,” said Jim Angel, vice president of video intelligence solutions for Trimble Transportation Mobility. “As technology such as machine learning evolves, we are constantly improving our solution to save customers time and money while helping improve safety and provide potential liability protection.”



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