Truck Component Trend of the Year

Truck Component Trend of the Year

We have the sense that this trend is definitely growing across nearly all equipment segments.

As we wrap up 2023 and gear up for the challenges and innovations of 2024, it’s time to reflect on the significant advancements in truck components this year. We’ve named our heavy-duty equipment, medium-duty equipment and truck technology trends of the year and now we’re looking at the equipment details. Without any further ado, our final equipment trend of the year. This year’s biggest truck component equipment trend of the year was…


They’re everywhere! Seriously. The implementation of sensors in truck equipment has been nothing short of revolutionary, particularly in the realm of trailers. The evolution towards smart trailers is a testament to this trend, as sensors are now integral components in various parts of the trailer, from suspensions and tires to automatic inflation systems, and even within trailer bodies for advanced cargo detection. The ubiquity of these smart features signifies a leap towards enhanced efficiency and safety in the industry.

A standout announcement came from Phillips Industries with their EC47 tractor/trailer connectivity solution. This system, aligning with the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Future Truck and Trailer Interface Task Force’s recommendations, includes dual Ethernet connectors, two CAN networks, multiple auxiliary connections, and a comprehensive power connection. The EC47 underscores the industry’s shift towards valuing data transmission as highly as electrical power for trailer operation.

Yet, the data-producing sensor trend isn’t limited to trailers. The tractor segment also witnesses a substantial influx of data, providing incredible insights into service and maintenance. For instance, the collaboration between Decisiv and industry giants like Cummins-Meritor Inc., and Phillips Industries has birthed a digital inspection platform that enhances service accuracy and efficiency. This partnership exemplifies how data from OEM equipment and external sensors are revolutionizing service management in the trucking industry.

As we toast to the end of a transformative year in truck equipment trends, we encourage our professional truck equipment managers to explore these advancements if they haven’t already. The progression in heavy-duty, medium-duty, and truck technology has set a high bar for what’s to come in 2024.

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