Avoid the nightmare of unplanned truck downtime

Avoid the nightmare of unplanned truck downtime

Prevent the horrors of dreaded fleet maintenance downtime with the right data.

You know, horror movies have this knack for teaching us one vital lesson: be ready for anything. Those legendary jump scares? They hit you when you least expect them, sending your heart racing and nerves into overdrive. While it’s the season when everyone is entitled to one good scare, there’s a business lesson in there. Never assume everything will go according to plan.

Bring that same idea to the world of fleet maintenance. What fleet owner wakes up in the morning thinking, “Yep, today’s the day my trucks break down,”? Unplanned maintenance is an unwelcome surprise, as the term itself suggests. When a vehicle is sidelined due to a breakdown, it is almost always pricier and more time-consuming than regular preventive maintenance. Furthermore, a vehicle off the road means it’s not generating revenue for the company. So, add that to the list of reasons why unscheduled maintenance poses a significant threat to a fleet’s profit margin.

Avoiding downtime, however, is easier said than done. It requires a vigilant team of technicians and drivers who can inspect and identify emerging issues before they impact performance. It also relies on gathering service data and recognizing patterns to catch problems before they escalate.

Watch the video above for more fleet management insight.

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