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Detailing truck safety systems that protect drivers

Jason Morgan is the editor of Fleet Equipment. He has more than 14 years of B2B journalism experience covering the likes of trucking and construction equipment, real estate, movies and craft beer industries.


Truck safety systems have advanced quickly to include high-tech solutions like lane-keep assistance, and it can be difficult keeping the available options straight or even understanding that different advanced driver assistance systems from different manufacturers (both OEM and suppliers) will operate differently. That last fact was from Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager with Volvo Trucks North America, and it was new to me.

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For an overview of available safety technology–from basic passive safety systems to detailing the latest and safest options–watch the video above for equipment that will keep your truck drivers safe.

Heads up!

During the interview, Murickan mentioned that Volvo Trucks offered a heads up warning display. It was only later that I realized that was most likely an industry first. It’s an alert that’s projected onto the windshield of the truck. Check it out:


According to Volvo Trucks North America, the OEM is the first and currently only OEM to offer a heads-up, on-windshield display. It is available as part of its standard Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) safety platform offering. it is not a standalone option.

Got more safety system questions?

Check out our deep-dive FAQ on VADA for an idea of what to expect from the safety system:

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