Catching diesel engine coolant issues before they become problems

Catching diesel engine coolant issues before they become service problems

Any size coolant leak is cause for maintenance concern. As Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial Vehicle Group, put it: “Once a coolant leak starts, rarely does it get better.” Catching coolant concerns before they become a costly headache is imperative to keep your trucks rolling productivity. Once the truck is in the bay, complications abound with different engines requiring different coolant mixes and ensuring that your technicians are investigating seemingly small leaks. A top off isn’t going to do it.

To avoid having a coolant problem put your truck on the side of the road, I connected with Schell to talk all things truck coolant maintenance and service. Watch the video above for all of the insight.

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If you got an “I know that guy” feeling during the video, you probably recognize Jake from the pages of Fleet Equipment as a regular contributor. You can read his latest column below.

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