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K-Seal the coolant leak repair specialists

K-Seal has ALL your coolant leak repairs covered. K-Seal requires no draining or flushing of the cooling system and mixes with all types of antifreeze. For all your sealing needs, remember ONLY ONE NAME… K-Seal.

Get Your Truck Tolling Costs Under Control

More than 340 toll facilities operate in the U.S., generating billions of dollars every year. Much of this toll revenue comes from truck fleets, which have seen toll rates jump dramatically over the past decade. Between 2009 and 2018, the Consumer Price Index (the federal government’s primary gauge of inflation) increased by a just 16.9%.

Three reasons that natural gas trucks are worth considering right now

Environmental-related regulations and requirements are going to continue increase, and not just in California. Across the United States, 403 cities have signed the Paris Agreement, a global response to the threat of climate change. What’s that mean for you as a fleet manager? If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) rule that aims to have

Using in-cab amenities to attract and retain drivers

Everyone knows about the driver shortage impacting the trucking industry. It’s old news, right? The million dollar question, of course, is how does a fleet recruit and then retain its drivers? The answer isn’t simple, obvious, or all that clear. But the fact remains there is something a fleet can offer that will help in

The Trucking Industry’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Hacking Experiences Nearly every one of us has a story of a hacking victim. Perhaps you felt the gut-wrenching effects of a virus that caused you to lose an important midterm paper, maybe your login credentials appeared in the latest security breach, or some of you have likely dealt with the harsh consequences of ransomware.

Setting truck maintenance labor costs expectations

“Great! How much is that going to cost me?” You’ve thought it, you’ve probably even said it, and while dealing with truck maintenance costs isn’t fun, it’s just a fact of fleet life. Running on the open road means dealing with the unpredictable. If you’re running a heavy-duty repair shop, you need to make fleet

What your static truck wiring diagrams aren’t showing you

The truck’s electrical system is a complicated web of wiring, a current-carrying circulatory system that sprouts from the truck’s batteries to power a myriad of systems. Nearly everything on today’s heavy-duty trucks is electronically controlled, and if you have an electrical system problem, it could be costly. Lighting alone hovers within the top three CSA

Upgraded Diffs Mean Improved Handling and Efficiency

Drivers of commercial vehicles may become frustrated by frequent incidents of poor traction and a sense of instability during turns. A limited-slip differential with automatic traction engagement can solve these problems, delivering improved vehicle handling by limiting wheel-slip rather than fully locking.

Making Sense of Truck Classification

Show a truck to the average person off the street, and all they see is a truck. When a driver or fleet manager sees one however, their brains start computing, cataloging the vehicle into the proper class. How much does it weigh? What’s the payload designation? Is it a heavy-duty truck requiring a special license

Making the Right Battery Choice for Your Fleet

Putting the right battery in the right application makes all the difference when it comes to uptime and fleet performance. The wrong type of battery, or ones not equipped for your fleet’s needs, can turn routine maintenance into emergency replacements, and anything done in an emergency or on the side of the road will cost

Successful truck operation depends on driveline service details

It seems like a little thing. A bit of increased vibration in your truck’s driveline. You’ve had some driver complaints in the past, but they were minor—small in the grand scheme of things. Until that small problem grew into a large driveline service issue and put your truck on the side of the road. Downtime


Here’s the thing: the trucks you’re running today will experience unplanned downtime. Driver behavior and maintenance schedules impact performance, check engine lights come on, the unexpected happens. Ensuring your trucks meet your high expectations depends largely on the reliability and capability of your diesel engines. Here’s why. 1. When it comes to uptime, reliable engines