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Your truck is out of warranty—now what?

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There comes a day in every truck’s life when the warranty runs its course and it’s out on the road, on its own. As a fleet manager who has to balance load and delivery demands, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your truck will make it to its final mile. Drivetrain service issues are at the top of the list of concerns, as they can sideline your working equipment for far too long.

The key to avoiding unplanned downtime is making the right part decisions during preventative maintenance stops. During scheduled PMs, you get a look at what components are worn and possibly need to be replaced. Then it comes down to a part decision: You need a high-quality part so you don’t end up on the shop’s lift when you haven’t planned for it, but something that isn’t going to break the bank. Your vehicle might have a lot of miles on it, but it still has an important job to do. So what do you do?

One option is to turn to a brand you know for an all-makes solution. Scott Donnelly, training manager and quality engineer, global aftermarket, Dana, pointed to Spicer Select’s all-makes drivetrain parts as a middle-ground example of a part that will get you moving and keep you productive. From Spicer Select universal joints and strap kits to commercial and light-duty center bearings and differential carrier bearings, the Spice Select lineup can breathe new life into your rolling equipment road warriors.

The Spicer Select all-makes drivetrain parts are made to fit a wide variety of makes and models, covering numerous applications, and specifically designed for older vehicles where ROI is at a premium. Take, for example, the Spicer Select 404 ring and pinion gearing.

Click here to learn more about Spicer Select’s 404 gearing programs and its full line of drivetrain solutions.

“Spicer Select offers 14 SKUs that cover the popular 404 and 171-90 series Dana gear ratios,” Donnelly noted. “This offers a cost-effective part and product for someone that is at the product end life. It’s going to be a lower price point, but it’s also going to have all of the Dana engineering, all the Dana testing. Everything that you’ve come to know about Dana is still in that part.”

The all-makes solution skimps on the asking price, but not on quality. “Spicer Select 404 gearing platforms are manufactured in a Dana facility using the same equipment that we produce genuine Spicer ring and pinions from,” Donnelly said. “There are only slight differences, and the product that you buy will have Dana’s name to stand behind it.”

According to Dana testing, Spicer Select 404 gearing performs nine times better than the aftermarket competition. Click here to learn more about Spicer Select’s 404 gearing programs and its full line of drivetrain solutions.

This article was sponsored by Dana Incorporated.


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