Using in-cab amenities to attract and retain drivers
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Using in-cab amenities to attract and retain drivers

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Everyone knows about the driver shortage impacting the trucking industry. It’s old news, right? The million dollar question, of course, is how does a fleet recruit and then retain its drivers?

The answer isn’t simple, obvious, or all that clear. But the fact remains there is something a fleet can offer that will help in that endeavor.

I’m talking about in-cab amenities.

Think about it from a driver’s point of view. What separates one fleet from another? The first thing that comes to mind is salary, of course, but oftentimes fleets offer similar numbers that fall within a certain range.

When you get right down to it, the question is really about value. What are drivers looking for? What makes life on the road easier?

The answer is in-cab amenities.

When a driver steps into a truck for the first time, what is he or she going to do? They’re going to look it over and see what’s inside. They’re going to see what the interior of the cab has to offer.

Is there a nice TV that’s hooked up to a satellite connection? Is there a lot of space for storage? Is there a high-quality seat that will make the ride more comfortable?

All of these questions will enter a driver’s mind and make no mistake about it – the answers to those questions will play a role in the driver’s decision to stay with the fleet long-term.

In-cab amenities are also a valuable tool when recruiting new drivers to your fleet. There isn’t a better sales pitch than showing a potential driver a truck that’s loaded with high-end products. ‘Did your last truck feature a stock mattress that bottoms out after a few trips? No worries. We’ve put the best trucking mattress money can buy into this rig.’

Many drivers also make cleaning a priority. If you’re spending the vast majority of your time in a truck, you don’t want that truck to be the definition of squalor. Offering cleaning supplies, ranging from leather conditioner to an in-truck vacuum unit, will make an impact on potential drivers.

Of course, there’s also the issue of cleaning quickly. Drivers have little cleaning time on the road, so whatever a fleet can provide to make the process quicker and easier will draw attention. Custom-molded floor mats feature a raised-edge to contain the mess, and they can be removed in seconds. Cleaning is as easy dumping the dirt, or – if time and resources allow – spraying them with a pressure washer. And they also take care of the dirtiest area of the cab – that space in front of the driver’s seat.

To be clear, there is no end-all, be-all answer to the driver question, but the little things add up. In-cab amenities can go a long way in making what can be a difficult sales pitch a bit easier.

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