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Finding the right truck data to improve service operations

Finding the right information with so many data points streaming off of your trucks can be like playing a really frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo?” The multitude of dashboards that are being updated constantly can become very saturated with information and hard to ingest. There are a ton of answers – but which one is correct

Learning the importance of truck electrical system PMs the hard way

The consequences of not attending to lighting and electrical maintenance can be harsh. Getting pulled over for a lamp issue on the trailer or tractor is an invitation for law enforcement to take a closer look at all your inspection points. Lights are one of the most visible components of any vehicle. In order to

Troubleshooting trailer service issues

Trailer brake systems tend to make up the bulk of trailer service issues, with tire and wheel service issues following right behind. While those are the two main issues that will put trailers on the side of the road, electrical and lighting issues will generally get your trailer pulled over. Now, historically, we haven’t had

Predicting the future of truck maintenance

Fault code and related service information has been flowing off of trucks for years, and truck technology companies have been hard at work developing algorithms that delve into that data and find patterns in truck component failures. Using sophisticated probabilities, truck service technology is quickly approaching the point where it can offer predictive repair suggestions.

The truck service similarity between ADAS and aftertreatment

Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, like advanced cruise control and active lane keep assist technologies are helping to improve truck safety, but these systems are starting to create service mysteries for shops as they roll into bays. they’re complex systems that can make seemingly basic repairs like a windshield replacement a costly and time-consuming

Spruce up your shop with these seasonal truck maintenance tips

The biggest thing you should look out for is corrosion. Trucks have been rolling down the winter road, through de-icing chemicals that cling to the underbody. On top of that, Spring temperatures can fluctuate widely–freezing one day, warm and wonderful the next. It can impact important components. But it’s not just the underbody. Air dryers

OEM vs. third-party scan tools: What’s the right mix for your truck shop?

We’re taking it back to basics to talk about different scan tool options. The scan tools you have in your shop should allow you to work on all makes and models of commercial trucks and simultaneously diagnose all electronic components on a vehicle. Maintenance and repairs drive uptime, so it’s critical for technicians to be

Getting to the root of truck service root-cause analysis

Getting to the core of a truck service problem as quickly and accurately as possible is key to reducing dwell time for the fleet and boosting truck shop throughput, but it’s easier said than done. We’ve all had those comebacks show up and it’s never a good sight. So let’s think back to the last

When working with truck remote diagnostics, think: Audience

Remote diagnostic systems are now offered in some form by all the major truck and engine OEMs, as well as third party providers. These systems collect diagnostic data on the truck’s performance and status, and automatically send fault codes and warnings to service managers. Today’s remote diagnostics systems indicate fault code severity levels and allow

Providing the right mix of truck technician training

The first and most important thing that heavy-duty technicians need to understand is the tools used in the shop. Today’s tools need to be standalone solutions for day-to-day use but also integrate with OEM applications for increased functionality. The best of these tools will make technicians more efficient by providing rapid diagnostics and pertinent service

What’s supporting your truck equipment warranty?

Equipment warranties play a big role in your truck service operation’s profitability. No fleet is a stranger to the warranty claim process, and the headaches that come along with it. But, with all the service data streaming off of your trucks, you have a host of information to help push your claim through. The catch?

Training, retaining the next generation of truck technicians

Headlines across the web announce the challenge of a labor shortage, while truck service shops across the country say: “Welcome to the party.” While we have more company in the battle to find the right people with the right skills, the challenges remain. But remember: many of the benefits you offer a technician to join