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Dealing with medium-duty truck diagnostic differences

If both medium- and heavy-duty trucks roll into your bays on the regular, you’ve probably seen a difference in the way data is collected. Switching between different scan tools and service information can lead to a breakdown in communication. It takes the right type of equipment to get the information and data points you need

The tools to properly diagnose truck service needs to avoid a nightmare

This Halloween, we thought we would share a tale fitting for the holiday—The Nightmare of Elm’s Fleet. Elm was a typical fleet owner. He strived for efficiency and considerable profit margins. When trucks rolled into his bays, he and his team of technicians serviced them so they were ready to roll in no time. But

Data analysis best practices for fleet efficiency

Having lots and lots of data can feel like having all the answers right at your fingertips. The information, however, can feel like trying to interpret a new language if you don’t know what questions to ask or what you’re even looking for in the first place.  The endless possibilities for data collection can act

The truck service benefits of data integration

The way we’ve compacted a lot of daily tools into one easy to use device has made such an impact for people with busy lives. The convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips allows for us an efficient way of getting things done. When it comes to fleet operations, it is no different.

Saving time with real-time technician assistance

When you really need to get things done, the most irritating thing is having to sit and wait for a solution that may never come. When it comes to your trucks, waiting around isn’t always an option. Through the use of a remote assistance service, real-time results are more attainable and help you achieve minimal

Solving the diagnostic mystery with root cause analysis

Getting stuck on the same questions can leave you in a state of frustration. Attempting to unravel seemingly never-ending mysteries can feel like an endless loop of defeat. Maybe what you assume to be an easy fix turns into a head scratcher or the standard repair you’ve done a dozen times, simply isn’t giving you

What’s the deal with diesel engine DEF sensor downtime?

The only thing worse than starting your vehicle and seeing warning lights appear on your dash is finding out about the problem while you’re on the road. As inconvenient as they are, these lit up symbols act as warnings that if things remain overlooked, the next destination for your truck will be the repair shop. 

Battery maintenance to combat the changing temperatures

Weak batteries that worked fine in the warm weather all of the sudden can’t provide the energy to crank the engine when the temperature starts to drop. This is because the heat speeds up the aging process for the battery.  Winter is just when we actually see the effects of the summer heat.  It can

The (EV)olution of vehicle maintenance

As time goes on, more and more ways of doing something are being discovered and while that sounds great, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly evolving trends. When EVs were first introduced, it was anticipated that the maintenance and service needs would diminish due to lack of fluids, moving parts and aftermarket

You need to update your truck shop software

Software updates are important practices we should all be doing and not just with our phones. It’s important that your shop’s diagnostic and scan tools operate on the latest version in order to properly repair all makes, models and components. If your truck shop scan tools and service software solutions don’t have the latest software

Finding the right truck data to improve service operations

Finding the right information with so many data points streaming off of your trucks can be like playing a really frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo?” The multitude of dashboards that are being updated constantly can become very saturated with information and hard to ingest. There are a ton of answers – but which one is correct

Learning the importance of truck electrical system PMs the hard way

The consequences of not attending to lighting and electrical maintenance can be harsh. Getting pulled over for a lamp issue on the trailer or tractor is an invitation for law enforcement to take a closer look at all your inspection points. Lights are one of the most visible components of any vehicle. In order to