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Recruit, retain technicians using truck service technology

The heavy-duty service shop is where preventative maintenance keeps your trucks performing at peak capacity and is the battleground against unplanned maintenance. Of course, the technician shortage complicates matters. When it comes to technician recruitment, your best bet for getting the best technicians into your shop is through relationship building with your local diesel and

Recruit truck technicians with technology
Fault codes come at you fast, here’s how to manage them

Connected trucks are part blessing, part curse. While it’s hugely beneficial to know of an equipment service need as soon as it’s required, it’s easy to get buried in notifications. OEMs and technology service providers are doing their part by coding fault codes with red and yellow indications to help guide your truck service decision-making

Using truck data to make an immediate ROI impact

Massive amounts of data are streaming off your trucks right now. Dashboards can show you efficiency and service information on demand. Near limitless insight into your trucks’ operation, but what do you do with it? It’s hard to know where to start. There are too many possibilities, and you need to prove ROI as soon

Data Center Truck Data ROI