Complete equipment solutions that still tackle specific vocational tasks
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Complete equipment solutions that still tackle specific vocational tasks

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


Dump applications, flatbed and drop-deck hauls, dry bulk loads, pneumatic tank and liquid tank trailers–what do those applications have in common? On the surface, not much. Sure, it still involves a truck and hauling from Point A to B, but specialized applications often require specialized solutions. That can create a challenge for manufacturers and suppliers who want to deliver on fleet customer expectations. That’s where equipment commonalities come in.

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Take MAC Trailer for example. Mike Conny, president and CEO, used to have shops full of techs building wheel ends for the specialized trailers MAC manufacturers. That all changed when he leveraged his relationship with Hendrickson to put the supplier’s “Ready to Roll” wheel ends in action.

“Today, instead of having 30 people in my shops building axles, I have 30 people building trailers,” Conny said. But in delivering such specialized equipment: What percentage of his builds actually employ Hendrickson’s fully built wheel ends?

For that answer and how commonalities creates fleet customer benefits, watch the video above.


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