Geotab Connect live blog: Day 1 (Updated)

Geotab Connect live blog: Day 1 (Updated)

Fleet Equipment is at Geotab Connect, on the exhibit floor, bouncing in and out of keynotes and panels, and interviewing Geotab's executive team, phone in one hand, laptop in another to bring you the Geotab Connect live blog.

Connection is becoming less about the technical capabilities of today’s data solutions and more about how you use them, talk about them, share them. Connection to your trucks, connection to your people, connection to your clients all demands collaboration. Which is why 1,500 fleets, Geotab marketplace partners, Geotab resellers, industry experts and, of course, a host of Geotab experts gathered in San Diego, Calif., for Geotab Connect–two days of data-driven solutions and discussions. And Fleet Equipment is right in the middle of it.

I’m on the exhibit floor, bouncing in and out of keynotes and panels, and interviewing Geotab’s executive team, phone in one hand, laptop in another to bring you the Geotab Connect live blog. Bookmark this page and come back throughout the day for the latest updates.

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Geotab Connect kicked off on the deck of the USS Midway where Colin Sutherland,
Geotab executive vice president, sales and marketing, took to the stage to welcome attendees.

Morning keynote

The stage-spanning video screen crackles to life, touting Geotab’s history and highlighting the evolution of data-driven technology and solutions with a focus on a solution “ecosystem.” (Editor’s take: That’s going to be a theme going forward.)

Sutherland, take note of the ecosystem behind him.

Colin Sutherland, Geotab executive vice president, sales and marketing, kicks us off with a welcome address, setting the stage for Geotab CEO Neil Cawse’s keynote address.

Takeaways from Sutherland:

• Ecosystem is important: A root system for the canopy of partners featured in the “Geotab ecosystem” (many of these Marketplace offerings).

• Geotab’s “Pillars of innovation”: Productivity (GPS-driven); Safety (data-science to solve safety problems); Fleet optimization (predictively maintaining equipment); Compliance (think: ELDs); Expandability (“We can’t invent it all ourselves, leverage 56 Marketplace partners, open-approach to data).

• Geotab’s 2020 “Pillar” addition: Sustainability. “There’s no more greater challenge than the transition from fossil to EV and sustainability.”

• Fleet Industry Trends: Launched last year and bringing benchmarking to the market.

Geotab CEO Neil Cawse on the value of telematics and what’s ahead


Geotab CEO Neil Cawse talks about the value of truck telematics including the ROI of safety solutions (reducing accidents by up to 30%); fleet management opportunities and the importance of open APIs.

Geotab, Lytx integrates video, fleet management telematics


Brandon Nixon, CEO of Lytx, talks about the importance of video telematics and the benefits of Geotab integration. For the full story click the news post below:

Brandon Nixon, Lytx CEO, on stage at Geotab Connect.

Matt Jennings, SAP, on how every company is becoming a data company


Matt Jennings, SAP global vice president, intelligent enterprise solutions, during his Geotab Connect presentation.


Geotab’s Jean Pilon-Bignell provides a government and smart city update

Geotab’s Jean Pilon-Bignell on the Geotab Connect Stage

Pilon-Bignell talked briefly about the impact telematics can have on the development of electrification–both infrastructure and vehicle wise. More on that later.

California’s Fleet and Asset Management driven by data


Evan Speer, chief, office of fleet and asset management, State of California, Department of General Services, takes the stage.

Dropped by the Marketplace Side Stage

Where Drivewyze was expanding on its recent Geotab Marketplace Launch


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