Seattle to deploy Heliox Chargers for electric bus fleet
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Seattle to deploy Heliox Chargers for electric bus fleet


Heliox announced that Heliox EV chargers have been deployed in 100 cities across Europe and the United States. The Heliox Flex Charge System is one of the solutions selected by King County Metro, the regional transit system that serves Seattle, Washington, making them the 100th city to choose Heliox to charge its fleet of electric buses—one of the country’s largest e-bus fleets. 

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Every day, 25,000 e-buses and e-trucks use Heliox chargers, the company noted. Notable projects include:  

  • King County Metro is using Heliox chargers to power its next generation of battery-electric coaches. Metro plans to add 40 buses in the coming year to serve the city of Seattle and its surrounding areas.
  • The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot in suburban Washington D.C. uses Heliox chargers for its 44 electric buses and as part of its first-of-its-kind integration of microgrid and EV charging infrastructure, delivering sustainability, reliability and resilience for the County’s public transportation system.  
  • First Glasgow’s Caledonia bus depot, the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging hub, has installed 80 advanced rapid 150kW dual cable charging units providing 12MW of power. The depot was designed to accommodate and charge up to 300 EV buses on site – and will see the introduction of 150 electric buses over the course of 2022 and early 2023.

By the end of 2022, Heliox will power 20 additional cities.

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