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IdleAir announces milestones, future plans


This year, Convoy Solutions LLC celebrated its fifth anniversary operating as IdleAir. Over the past five years, Convoy Solutions has realized a number of milestones, it said. Since 2010, IdleAir has preserved its virtual motel network with more than 1,000 active rooms and more than 6,000 parking spaces of intact expansion capacity. Since 2011, IdleAir has doubled its footprint of locations to more than 40 truck stops and fleet terminals.

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Recently, IdleAir opened a Latta, S.C.-based Flying J, which is its second solar-PV powered truck stop. The company also just completed construction of the first of several planned dedicated IdleAir terminals with Covenant Transport at its headquarters and national training facility in Chattanooga, Tenn. IdleAir also broke ground with EGOBA Transportadora in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, with its first-ever operation outside of the U.S.

“We are proud to be exporting our home grown American fuel saving, carbon mitigating technology to customers anywhere in the world that IdleAir can be most impactful and profitable,” the company said.

IdleAir launched discount pricing bundles this past year, such as the 40-hour Reset Special and a 10-hour ConvoyTV+Power special. According to the company, both of these bundles cost as little as $1.25 per hour, while providing core offerings that include 120-volt power and DirecTV.

The company is also launching an expanded, overnight 12-hour discount bundled offering for OOIDA members, it said. This premium HVAC service package costs $23 and includes high-speed broadband, where access is available, and 50 Convoy points. With this bundle, OOIDA members will receive a 22% discount off of IdleAir’s standard retail prices, the company said.

This past winter, IdleAir absorbed most of the assets and operations of the former American Idle Reduction and is currently working to modify its core locations to be IdleAir-enabled for handling IdleAir member card and fleet-card traffic for our 45,000+ professional driver customers, the company added.


As part of the acquisition of AIR, IdleAir acquired the company’s MediDock anti-idling ambulance team and the company’s proprietary pedestal technology. “We see interesting under-penetrated idle-mitigation opportunities in the ambulance industry that parallel aspects of the trucking industry,” the company said.

The company is also finishing Beta tests of a motorized lift for its service modules and hoses. This lift will make it easier for drivers to insert and remove its standard window units, which weigh over 50 lbs. without the lift, the company noted. Deployment of the lift assembly will also reduce maintenance costs and allow IdleAir to install electrified parking spaces in pull-thru locations, which should broaden the range of parking locations we can operate on, IdleAir said.

The company also expects to roll out power-only modules at select truck stops in Fall 2015, it said.

Additionally, the company’s technology department is completing Beta tests of a mobile tablet unit that will allow its truckstop staff to sign up customers, troubleshoot hardware issues and perform customer account maintenance outside of the IdleAir office.

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