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Meeting CSA 2010 guidelines


The new CSA 2010 program identifies 10 different groups of parts and accessories that the government considers critical for safe operation. Among them are lamps; reflective devices; electrical wiring; brakes; glazing and window construction; fuel systems; coupling devices, including fifth wheels; miscellaneous equipment such as heaters; and frames, cab and body components. For any sidelined trucks returning to service, Chris Harrison, general manager of CIT Kenworth of Morton, Ill., and Scott Dehm, body shop manager at Central Illinois Kenworth in Normal, recommend the following steps:

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• Check fuel tanks, lines and filters before putting idled trucks back into service. During the winter, water or moisture can condense on top of the fuel tank from the fuel constantly freezing and thawing. Algae forms from the condensation, not on the diesel fuel itself, but it can contaminate the fuel.

• Do not use diesel additives to treat algae in a fuel tank. The truck should be towed to a repair facility that can drain the fuel tank, the fuel pump and fuel lines, properly dispose of the contaminated fuel and clean the injectors and filters.

• Replace damaged fuel tanks with OEM-quality replacement tanks.

• Check engine oil seals. When trucks sit for long periods of time without being routinely started and allowed to run for brief amounts of time, the rubber in the seals can actually dry out and deteriorate.

• Examine drive belts, hoses, fittings and adaptors, plus the exhaust system for leaks. If they need to be replaced, choose quality replacements. 

Before returning an idled truck to service, it should be checked by a qualified technician, since CSA 2010 establishes vehicle maintenance as one of seven categories under which carriers will be examined.


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