Navistar on Navistar: The Complete Series
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Navistar on Navistar: The Complete Series

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


It’s a new era for Navistar. Its new ownership, the TRATON Group, is writing the next chapter in Navistar history. In talking with Mathias Carlbaum, chief executive officer and president, Navistar International Corp., it was clear that the theme will be focused, not on where Navistar has been, but where Navistar is going.

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“Everybody’s aware that there have been challenges in some years in the past,” Carlbaum noted, “but today, the brands are very strong. We have a very capable and dedicated dealer network. Navistar has worked with customers, and today, we are forward-leaning and everyone here has welcomed the new ownership.”

“Today’s discussions are focused on where the future’s heading, what it takes to take us to where we want to be in the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s.”

It begs the questions: Where does Navistar want to go from here? And how are they going to get there?

That’s a story that’s easier told in digestible segments, so let’s dive into it. Collected below are all of the posts that look at the next era of Navistar, from all angles. Click the links below to start the story.

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