ProEV aids customers amidst North American supply chain struggles

ProEV aids customers amidst North American supply chain struggles

ProEV, a division of Electrical Components International (ECI), has been an integral asset for customers amid the ongoing supply chain crisis as a supplier of electric vehicle components and high-voltage cables for commercial and industrial EVs. ProEV has adopted a strategic approach, enabling the company to take parts from prototype to scale. This allows ProEV to maintain same-day response times and the consistent, on-time delivery of EV components.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on the EV supply chain. In an attempt to circumvent the looming crisis, manufacturers dedicated most of their resources to the industry’s biggest segment, passenger vehicles, resulting in greater deficits for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the commercial and industrial EV sector. ProEV was established in response to the transportation industry’s growing demand for electric vehicle cable and custom wire harnesses at low cost and high availability.

By establishing long-term relationships with OEMs, ProEV is able to take a forward-thinking approach to the supply chain, which in turn allows them to avoid unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

ProEV views itself as a global electrification partner, identifying the need to provide quick turnarounds for a wide array of sizes and low minimums in the EV and hybrid EV sector. Despite the disruption to global supply chains, ProEV maintained same-day response times; a significant indicator that ProEV is committed to the customer experience, compared to the industry standard of three to five business days.

Many ProEV customers also request help in sourcing non-electronic components; thanks to its approach of fostering long-term partnerships with both OEMs and suppliers, ProEV can connect them with the right resources and contacts.

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