How route optimization can help fleets overcome driver shortage struggles
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How route optimization can help fleets overcome driver shortage struggles


In order to keep up with the complexity of the modern world’s supply chain and continue growing, fleets have to find ways of simplifying things for ourselves and our people; ways of cutting through the noise and getting straight down to brass tacks so we can get where we want without wasting time or effort on anything else. Final mile route optimization is one such strategy – an important piece of the puzzle in solving our driver shortage problem.

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With the demand for deliveries increasing, but the supply of available drivers diminishing, it can be difficult to find drivers who are qualified and willing to make deliveries. As the shortage continues to loom over our industry, companies are looking for ways to make every second count. Route optimization can be utilized through many methods – including software designed specifically for route optimization that leverage routing algorithms that help distribution managers find new routes that their fleet of drivers may never have found or even though of before.

If a company is trying to maximize the number of drops going out with its existing fleet of drivers, then they need to optimize routes for those drivers. As resources become more limited, every second counts.


In addition to benefitting the bottom line, there are many benefits that result from route optimization that positively impact people, profits and the planet. For fleets, route optimization can help to effectively address the driver shortage, and in the future, make the impending switch to electric vehicle fleets.

Route optimization, at its core, simply helps drivers find more direct routes between locations, alleviating time wasted on lengthy detours and unproductive driving. With real-time monitoring of planned vs. actual routes, companies gain visibility into progress, performance and traffic conditions throughout the area. This means that fleet managers can make better, more informed decisions about their routing and how to get more of the intended deliveries completed each day.


So how can companies that are struggling with the driver shortage implement route optimization?

Using software meant for route optimization is a simple and effective way to help make the most of every drop. You won’t find any company that doesn’t want to maximize the number of drops or stops their drivers make on any given delivery or service run.

Why complete all of your work with 10 drivers when it could have been done with seven?

Route4Me Route Planner, for example, offers optimization software-as-a-service for both large and small-scale operations.


The struggle to find, hire and retain drivers will be a constant for any company that is growing, regardless of the current economic state or driver shortage. To keep growing, even in the toughest of times, route optimization is a crucial ingredient to success.

Parker Woodward is the the marketing director at Route4Me.

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