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Donaldson Filter Minder Connect expands to fuel filters, engine oil condition

Donaldson Company, Inc. has released its Filter Minder Connect solution for monitoring fuel filters and engine oil condition on heavy-duty engines. The company says the Filter Minder system components can be installed on equipment in minutes and the solution integrates into existing on-board telematics and fleet management systems. The company says that Filter Minder connect

Podcast: Heavy-duty engine oil and filtration tips

You’re probably aware of the new oil categories that were introduced back in 2017: CK-4 and FA-4. The introduction of these new oil categories has accelerated a trend we were already seeing in the trucking industry of certain fleets extending their oil drain intervals. The guest on this episode of Fleet Future is Chad Stepanian

Mann+Hummel celebrates 80th anniversary

Filtration company Mann+Hummel will be celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2021. Since its founding in 1941, the company says it provides employment for around 22,000 people at more than 80 locations. The planned festivities for the big event had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, there will be individual and partly-digital activities

The engine impact on furloughed trucks that are ready to start

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a story of two extremes—some fleets have been running harder than ever delivering essential goods and other fleets have had to park their trucks. As states across the country reopen and business starts picking up, the maintenance needs of your furloughed trucks should be taken into consideration.

Cummins Filtration releases new Fleetguard app

Cummins Filtration has released its new Fleetguard app for mobile devices, providing users with multiple ways to search for parts, create custom lists, share literature and find part numbers and details on thousands of Fleetguard products. The app lets users search the Fleetguard catalog by cross-reference, equipment type or attribute. Users can also search by

Where you’re going to see truck filter service issues first

Filtration is key to not only keeping your equipment running productively, but efficiently as well. A truck with a clogged fuel filter will both be hard to start and will increase its fuel usage, gobbling up the hard-earned MPG you spec’d toward. Donald Chilton, director of product management at Mann+Hummel Group, provider of Wix Filters,

Truck Filter Service Issues Donald Chilton Wix Filters Unscripted
Donaldson’s wireless Filter Minder to be integrated into Geotab platform

Donaldson Company, Inc.’s wireless Filter Minder monitoring system for truck air filters will be integrated into Geotab’s fleet management platform.

Donaldson launches Filter Minder connected technology for monitoring truck engine air filters

Donaldson Company Inc. introduced Filter Minder connected technology for monitoring truck engine air filters, using the vehicles’ own telematics system, at the TMC Annual Meeting. Filter Minder wireless sensors and receivers send filter performance data to the cloud, and predictive analytics inform the fleet manager when individual trucks are approaching optimal filter life. Filter Minder

One-box aftertreatment could mean fewer service issues

Cummins introduced its single module in 2017. This single-can solution incorporates advanced DPF technology, giving customers a larger ash capacity, despite being half the size of old aftertreatment systems. “With the advanced filter, depending on the application, many customers may see extended maintenance intervals,” said Cummins Components Service Engineers Joe Schulz, Mike Bates and Jack

Bosch highlights HEPA Cabin Air Filters

Bosch highlights its line of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Cabin Air Filters with triple-layer construction. The filters feature a melt-blown electrostatic HEPA layer of dense media that traps more microscopic particles of dust, allergens and pollutants than non-HEPA filters, Bosch says, providing cleaner air for passengers inside the vehicle and protecting the components of

Wix Filters launches Senzit smart air filter monitor

Wix Filters is launching Senzit, an air filter monitor that uses smart technology to provide a new method of monitoring air filter status. Senzit will deliver a new level of connectivity across vehicle types and brands with a central portal to reduce downtime and repair costs, according to Wix. According to Wix, operators, mechanics, and fleet managers

EPA rule-making for heavy-duty truck emissions will not be accelerated

  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was recently asked to accelerate the timeline for enacting new regulations regarding NOx emissions from trucks. While the EPA admits that more stringent standards are needed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx), emissions from heavy-duty trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles, the agency rejected calls from a coalition of state