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Chevron unveils Delo 400 API CK-4, FA-4 heavy-duty motor oils

Chevron Products Co. has unveiled its line of Delo 400 API CK-4 and FA-4 heavy duty motor oils coming Dec. 1. As part of its product rollout, Chevron will be launching a new advisor service created to help customers select the best products for them by assessing their business needs, analyzing their current lubricant choices

Fuel economy and new engine oils

Engine oil makers weigh in on the new oil formulations to help meet EPA improved fuel economy standards.

New heavy-duty engine oil categories are driven by regulation

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced regulations in 2010 designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mandate fuel economy improvements for heavy-duty engines and vehicles, it set in motion a change to engine oil specifications. In turn, the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) requested that the

The future of heavy-duty filtering

To keep up to date with the new engine oil categories, increased emissions regulations and an ever-changing engine industry, Fleet Equipment (FE) caught up with Donald Chilton, vice president of product management for Wix, and Roma Fatima, lube product line manager for Cummins Filtration, to pepper them with filter-focused questions. FE: How do application and

Demistifying CK-4 and FA-4 oils: What you need to know about compatibility, and more

The most important thing that fleets need to know about CK-4 oils, according to Len Badal, global commercial brand manager for Chevron Lubricants, is that they are fully compatible, and there should be no concern if the two are mixed…

Fuels and oil: Finding truth in the noise

We live in a confusing age. Considerable information is available thanks to the internet, but there is no easy way of assessing its validity. Anyone can make a statement on the internet—and it is up to us to decide the truth of the statement. Let’s take a look at some recent claims that impact your

Fuels and lubes column
Fumoto releases SX-series engine oil drain valve

Fumoto has released the next-generation version of its SX-series engine oil drain valves, with new features. The new valves are comprised of two distinct yet fully integrated parts: the through bolt and oil-flow control body. The SX can rotate 360°, which allows orientation to achieve a smaller profile and maximum protection. The through bolt design can be

Shell Rotella updates portfolio to meet API CK-4 and FA-4 categories

Shell Lubricants has introduced a new portfolio of Shell Rotella heavy-duty diesel engine oils. New Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 and 10W-30 along with Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 are formulated to meet the specification criteria for the new API CK-4 service category for diesel engine oil. New Shell Rotella API FA-4 oils

The skinny on low-viscosity oils

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has released its Confidence Report on low-viscosity oils. It begins with the premise that truck engine mechanical losses occur from pumping and friction and consume approximately 16% of the total energy input of the vehicle. Lower-viscosity oils (those with less internal resistance to flow) will reduce these

Corn-based ethanol: A case study in fuel follies

When I consider the renewable fuels legislative mess our states have created, I’m appalled. The lack of a coherent national energy policy has provided fuel (pun intended) for institutions as the Renewable Fuels Association, which is still trying to convince us that corn-based ethanol is a viable alternate fuel. We’ve also enabled state environmental agencies,

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Three new ways oils will be identified and utilized

This December we get a little extra bonus: Three changes in the way lube oils are identified and utilized. First, the API will discontinue the use of the term “energy conserving” on their SL and SM passenger car motor oils (PCMO). The term is discontinued because the engine parts needed to run the laboratory engine

Fuels and lubes column
Mainstay Fuel Technologies introduces CNG fuel storage and delivery system

Mainstay Fuel Technologies introduces its back-of-cab on-board CNG fuel storage and delivery system. Utilizing Type IV cylinders and related technology, the systems have wide range capabilities, allow for faster, more efficient fills and incorporate robust safety features. They include: Stored capacity: 165 DGE; Range in miles from 650–800; Frame design and tank array offers balance