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Clean Energy’s RNG digester at Tri-Cross Dairy begins production

RNG from the $34M project will be sent to Clean Energy’s network of fueling stations across the U.S.

RNG Coalition urges Michigan senate to hold Clean Fuel Standard hearing

The group says passing SB 275 would allow Michigan to support climate goals and benefit their state economy.

Western Global releases FuelCube Type-S for jobsite refueling

The FuelCube Type-S offers security with a lockable equipment cabinet to protect the pump and feed/return lines.

Western Global offers transportable, on-site refueling tank

The TransCube can be stacked up to three high when empty and two high when full.

Trayecto expands natural gas fleet with Hexagon Agility’s RNG fuel systems

With this Hexagon Agility order, Trayecto now has more than 300 CNG tractors operating in its fleet of 4,000 trucks.

Diesel engine filtration tips for better fuel efficiency

Wix Filters’s tips for achieving the right balance of engine protection and efficiency.

Parker Hannifin highlights check valves as fuel pressure regulators to meet emissions requirements

It’s common for engine manufacturers to use a check valve, sometimes called a one-way valve, to allow the flow of fluids to move in only one direction. It’s the traffic cop of a fuel system. These valves are found in almost every mobile and industrial hydraulic system. If there’s a pump, you’ll likely find a check valve

ATRI: Fuel costs top the list of trucking industry issues

The American Transportation Research Institute recently released its 18th annual Top Industry Issues report, identifying the leading industry concerns including fuel prices, the driver shortage, truck parking, driver compensation, the economy and for the first time, speed limiters. In a year that saw record-high fuel costs, fuel prices were ranked as the top industry concern,

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces EDT+ Winter Defense diesel fuel additive

Hot Shot’s Secret introduced a new complimentary formulation developed specifically for use during cold weather. EDT+ Winter Defense provides all the benefits of EDT fuel additive including improved power, performance, and MPG, but also prevents gelling and icing when temperatures start to drop and has industry leading lubricity protection with the addition of LX4 Lubricity Extreme, the

Amid changing regulations, mobile fueling can simplify adoption of sustainable fuels

The need for decarbonization in the transportation sector is clear. According to the EPA, transportation is now responsible for nearly one-third of U.S. GHG emissions, the majority of which (83%) are created by light-duty vehicles and medium- and heavy-duty trucks. In 2019, FedEx attributed 92% of the company’s carbon emissions footprint to its fleet. Less

Multi Service Fuel Card announces integration with Ditat

Multi Service Fuel Card recently announced an integration with Ditat, a transportation management systems (TMS) platform. The Ditat integration provides Multi Service Fuel Card customers a more streamlined workflow.  With this integration, Multi Service Fuel Card customers using the Ditat TMS can now manage their fuel directly within Ditat’s TMS system.  Carriers’ transaction data can

Chevron completes acquisition of Renewable Energy Group (REG)

Chevron Corporation recently completed its acquisition of Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) following approval by REG stockholders. “We have brought together companies with complementary capabilities, assets, and customer relationships to make Chevron one of the leading renewable fuels companies in the United States,” said Mark Nelson, executive vice president of Downstream & Chemicals for Chevron.  “Chevron now