Western Global releases FuelCube Type-S for jobsite refueling

Western Global releases FuelCube Type-S for jobsite refueling

The FuelCube Type-S offers security with a lockable equipment cabinet to protect the pump and feed/return lines.

Western Global, a manufacturer of fuel and fluid storage solutions, recently introduced the FuelCube Type-S, a compact fuel tank that fits in the back of a truck. Western Global says this product is designed to safely transport and dispense diesel fuel when and where it’s needed without hazardous material placard requirements.

The FuelCube Type-S features a 119-gallon capacity and is meant for 3/4-ton pickups or larger due to the tank’s weight when filled with fuel. The company suggests that contractors can use truck bed space while using the tank as a stationary refueler to keep the operation rolling. Corner brackets make the tank stackable when empty.

The company notes that the FuelCube Type-Sfeatures built-in, weatherproof, 110% double-walled containment that eliminates the need for pans or basins. It offers a lockable equipment cabinet to protect the pump and feed/return lines. The equipment cabinet also promotes longer pump and hose life by shielding the components from the elements, the company added.

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