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Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering releases DEF field test for diesel fuel

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has released a field test to indicate minimum amounts of DEF in diesel. Whether the DEF is emulsified into the fuel causing it to be cloudy or the fluid is free and on the bottom of the tank, the test reacts immediately, the company says. The kit consists of one test tube

Integrated energy management: What it is and why you need it

As the evolution toward running on more than a single fuel source continues, fleets turning to alternative fuels are spurred by growing environmental regulations and sustainability plans. That’s why, rather than thinking about a straight replacement to diesel, fleets should adopt an integrated energy management (IEM) approach—a comprehensive strategy that considers all available fuel sources

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Calstart’s Drive to Zero campaign tops 100 pledge partners

Calstart’s Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero program and campaign has added a group of new pledge partners from around the world, including DHL, Scania, 7 Generation Capital, Business Region Göteborg, Sweden, Climate Change Mitigation Technologies, Tirn Technology, DiPP-R, Climate Law and Policy Project, Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition, AVL, East Bay Municipal Utility District,

Hyliion: Renewable natural gas prepares to take the wheel as trucking fleets pursue a lower carbon footprint

As the world continues down the path of clean energy and corporate social responsibility (CSR), the commercial trucking industry face immense pressure from all sides to follow suit. But do they have enough gas in the tank to meet those demands? Government regulations in the U.S. and abroad are changing the paradigm in commercial vehicle

Capacity Trucks partners with Hyster-Yale Group

Capacity Trucks and Hyster-Yale Group announced that they are joining forces to address the demand for environmentally-sustainable terminal tractor solutions in port, terminal and distribution center markets. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to co-develop electric and hydrogen-powered terminal tractors with automation-ready capabilities. Initial prototypes are targeted to be available in 2021 for

Lucas Oil releases anti-gel cold weather treatment

Lucas Oil has released a Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment, which the company says is specifically manufactured to prevent cold filter plugging in diesel and biodiesel fuels. The company says its Anti-Gel blend contains wax crystal modifiers to lower the pour point and cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel. All diesel fuel contains some

Tackling engine oil topics: FA-4, used oil analysis, transmission and axle greases, and more

Engine oil is more complicated than a viscosity number. We have a lot to get through, so let’s get to it. Read on to learn about FA-4 oils; the latest in engine oil technologies and advancements; the importance of used oil analysis; and the importance of using the right oils and greases throughout the rest

Hyliion equips C.A.T. Transport with CNG hybrid systems

Hyliion Inc. has equipped Canadian-based C.A.T. Transport’s fleet with five of Hyliion’s CNG hybrid systems. Hyliion’s CNG solution can be installed on most heavy Class 8 natural gas vehicles, the company says, for a more seamless transition for existing fleets to electrified solutions. “Our Hybrid CNG system leverages advanced software algorithms to help tackle difficult

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Watch: Is biodiesel a good fuel choice for diesel engines?

These days, it seems as though there’s always a shifty stranger – The Invisible Fuel Man – whispering in my ear: “Hey Fleetkeeper. Let’s talk about electrification today.” I guess it makes sense – some of the biggest names in trucking are making some huge advancements in electric trucks. But what about all the other

Checklist: Make sure your fleet is prepared for winter

Preparation is key when it comes to facing the cold weather that lies ahead. Creating a thorough checklist to ensure your safety is vitally important. You’ll want to include steps that cover best practices, make sure your vehicle is performing optimally, and confirm that all essential tools are on board. The following checklist provided by

Hyliion announces natural gas fueling partnership with American Natural Gas

Hyliion Inc. and American Natural Gas, Inc. (ANG) have announced a partnership agreement that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas (RNG) at ANG fueling stations across the country. For qualifying fleet customers, ANG has also agreed to build new fueling stations near Hyliion’s customer locations with no upfront capital costs to such

LSI Chemical introduces TotalArmorW7 diesel fuel additive

LSI Chemical has released TotalArmorW7, a new winter blend diesel fuel aftermarket additive formulated for operability in freezing temperatures while also improving other important characteristics of diesel fuel. Developed for refineries and fuel jobbers, or for private label use, LSI says TotalArmorW7 provides consistent winter operability and increases cetane up to seven points for improved