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REG: Industry experts confirm continued importance of biodiesel

I recently attended the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Tampa and came away with a lot of information and ideas about where the transportation industry is heading. One major point the speakers reiterated was that, despite all the talk of electrification, the diesel engine will remain on top for years to come. John Eichberger,

Hot Shot’s Secret EDT now infused with the company’s LX4 Lubricity Extreme

Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) now has a new formula to give it a boost in lubricity, with the addition of LX4 Lubricity Extreme, the company says. Hot Shot’s Secret says LX4 Lubricity Extreme, also sold separately as a stand-alone product by Hot Shot’s Secret, has been shown to improve diesel fuel lubricity

Fuel additives: Are they worth it?

You see the advertisements, you see the charts and statistics, but when it comes down to brass tacks, do fuel additives work? Chris Gabrelcik, founder and chief executive officer of Lubrication Specialties, had some thoughts.

REG: Rethinking winter fuel woes

There’s a misperception that biodiesel does not work in the cold, and if a fleet runs into problems in cold weather biodiesel must be to blame.

Trucking trends of the decade

It’s been a decade of innovation, of technological advancements that have made their way into the trucks on the road today, and some that are only beginning to show what they can do.

Diesel Technology Forum: 43% of U.S. commercial trucks powered by near-zero emissions diesel technology

The newest, cleanest, near-zero-emissions diesel truck technologies now make up nearly half the U.S. fleet, jumping by 6.8 percent between Dec. 2017 and July 2019, according to new research from the Diesel Technology Forum. Since these cleaner diesel trucks were introduced in 2007, significant clean air and fuel efficiency benefits have been delivered to American consumers, with even greater environmental gains projected through 2030, the Forum says.

How oil prices impact fleet costs

Oil prices go up and down at the slightest whim. Volatility can be nerve-wracking. And while its impact on diesel is apparent, how can oil prices affect the bottom-line cost of heavy-duty truck engine oil? The answer is: It doesn’t really.

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Shell to release T6 full synthetic 0W-40 oil for extreme cold

Shell Lubricants is introducing Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 0W-40 heavy-duty diesel engine oil. This new oil is an upgrade/relaunch of the Rotella T6 full synthetic 0W-40, and now meets API CK-4 requirements.

Shell introduces new natural gas engine oil

Shell Lubricants is introducing Shell Rotella T4 NG Plus 15W-40 heavy-duty engine oil for natural gas trucks.

A focus on lower viscosity engine oils

Fuel expenses can make up 30 to 40% of a heavy-duty fleet’s overall operating costs. This means that any reductions in fuel consumption can be extremely important, with even small decreases in cost having an impact on a company’s bottom line. Owners face a continual task of cutting costs, so running their fleets in a

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The importance of freight-ton efficiency

Of all the different metrics that can be used for measuring the energy required to move goods—miles per gallon, ton-miles per gallon, gallons per ton-mile and freight ton efficiency—freight-ton efficiency (FTE), measured in ton-miles per gallons, is the most effective in measuring the amount of energy required to transport a load of goods from Point A to Point B.

REG: ‘Using biodiesel blends is a great way to dramatically reduce emissions in diesel-powered vehicles’

There’s a lot of buzz about new fuels for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. While research and development for cleaner fuels is always a good idea, the reality is liquid fuels will power U.S. fleets for decades to come.