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The business side of biodiesel, ethanol

When we pick up a newspaper or magazine today, we see articles about emissions. It seems as if our entire world economy revolves around emissions reduction. That’s because it has become big business.

BP offers Castrol Fleet Partnership Program

BP Lubricants USA Inc. said its new Castrol Fleet Partnership Program is a management partnership that guarantees the reduction of operational costs for participants at no risk.

Castrol introduces next-generation of Tection Extra

BP Lubricants USA Inc said it plans to launch the re-engineered formulation of Castrol Tection Extra.  Scheduled for release in January 2007, Tection Extra exceeds the new CJ-4 specifications as defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) classification of lubricants and exceeds the 2007 Original Engine Manufacturers (OEM) lubricants requirements in response to the new emission standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Clean diesels are winning

Improved emissions,good performance add to appeal

ConocoPhillips introduces new transmission oil

ConocoPhillips Lubricants announced the introduction of Triton Synthetic Transoil 50, which is specifically formulated to meet the new Eaton Roadranger PS-164 Rev 7 specification.

ConocoPhillips introduces oil to meet API CJ-4 specs

ConocoPhillips Co. announced development of a new premium synthetic blend diesel engine oil, Kendall Super-D XA (Exhaust Advantage).

Chevron introduces synthetic transmission fluid

Chevron Products Co. introduced two new, premium synthetic transmission fluids designed specifically for the heavy-duty manual transmission market. 

Shell Lubricants introduces Retina LX

Shell Lubricants recently introduced Shell Retinax LX in the United States, which is a family of premium, lithium complex greases made from a combination of performance additives developed primarily for the lubrication of high-temperature applications, such as wheelbearmgs in heavy-duty truck applications. 

Shell introduces Donax TX

Shell Lubricants introduced Shell Donax TX, a heavy-duty, semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid, designed for use in Allison heavy-duty automatic transmissions and those of other heavy-duty transmission manufacturers.

Shell introduces VideoCheck digital inspection

Shell Lubricants introduced the new Shell VideoCheck, a technological digital inspection service, as an integral component of its value-led services for 2006.

Joys of used oil analysis Part II – Soot

Last month we mentioned that TBN depletion is the primary reason modern diesel oils are “used up” or depleted in service. This month, let’s talk about the secondary reason: soot.