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Minimizer releases new antibacterial mattress

Minimizer has released the Long Haul Series Mattress, which is both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. According to the company, it will never bottom out. The company says it hopes that the mattress will give drivers an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep while driving during the pandemic.

Premier Manufacturing hires new chief operating officer

Oregon-based Premier Manufacturing has hired Matt Weinmann as its new chief operating officer. Premier Manufacturing was acquired by Minimizer Holdings, LLC in January. The two companies are working to leverage each other’s strengths with a go-to-market strategy that satisfies fleets, OEMs and distributors, the company says, and Weinmann’s experience will help facilitate this expansion. Weinmann

Using in-cab amenities to attract and retain drivers

Everyone knows about the driver shortage impacting the trucking industry. It’s old news, right? The million dollar question, of course, is how does a fleet recruit and then retain its drivers? The answer isn’t simple, obvious, or all that clear. But the fact remains there is something a fleet can offer that will help in

The test of time: Why durability drives success

What does it take to face down uncertainty? To diversify and stay on top of the industry’s ebb and flow? It’s equal parts ideas and vision mixed with a hefty helping of grit; durability to weather the oncoming storm. To learn more about Minimizer’s approach to delivering on its product promises even in the toughest

Time for durability Minimizer
Minimizer releases new in-frame tool box

Minimizer has released a new in-frame toolbox. “With increased environmental regulations, space is limited under the hood, and not everyone has room along the outside of the frame,” Minimizer Director of Marketing Steve Hansen said. “No matter what you need to store, whether it’s batteries or traditional tools, our in-frame tool box is located behind

Minimizer launches newly-designed website

Minimizer says it has recently redesigned its website with user-friendly features and a more modern look. “Feedback from end-users and distributors has been terrific,” director of marketing Steve Hansen said. “End-users appreciate seeing online and local buying options while distributors are reporting back with noticeable increases in quote requests asking for Minimizer products based on

Do you know the cost of in-cab corrosion?

How to avoid one of the biggest issues in trucking today It’s that pesky neighbor who won’t go away, or the monster under the bed when you’re a kid. You know it’s there, even if you can’t always see it. I’m referring to in-cab corrosion, one of the costliest issues facing fleets in the waste

Minimizer releases 50-in. toolbox

Minimizer has released a new 50-in. toolbox. Made from a proprietary material that the company says will never rust, corrode, crack or need paint, Minimizer toolboxes come with a lifetime warranty. The 50-in. tool box comes in six standard colors—black, red, white, silver, yellow, and granite—and is available in two styles, chest and underbody.

Live: News from HDAW 2020 (UPDATED)

There’s plenty of talk of the challenges, changes and opportunities in today’s heavy-duty truck aftermarket, with plenty of news coming from the show.

Minimizer releases Peterbilt medium-duty truck floor mats

Minimizer released custom molded floor mats that fit Peterbilt 337 and 348 models. The new release features four unique floor mat kits that cover Peterbilt 337 and 348 trucks within model years 2010-2020. Minimizer floor mats are laser-measured to ensure an exact fit, and their tray system features a raised edge that keeps everything on

Capital Partners invests in Minimizer

Capital Partners announced that it is investing in Minimizer, a truck parts and accessories manufacturer. According to the companies, the investment will fast-track Minimizer’s growth strategy, with the goal to expand product lines and support the rapid growth of the company, including investing in people, equipment and the development of additional capabilities. “We are very excited

Minimizer releases floor mats for Freightliner new Cascadia 116, 126

Minimizer has released custom molded floor mats that fit the new Freightliner Cascadia 116 and 126. The 116 and 126 models feature a different cab interior than their 113 and 125 counterparts, necessitating floor mats that fit the newer models. “Cascadias are among the most popular trucks on the road, and with Freightliner releasing these