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The growing benefits of video telematics

The true benefit of telematics is to see things you couldn’t see before. Whether that’s exact numbers and data or blind spots on the road, what telematics provides is insight and visibility into what’s going on with your fleet. And what could provide more visibility than cameras? Today, many fleets are making use of video

The pros and cons of truck driver-facing cameras

Put yourself in the shoes of a truck driver—the person you depend on to operate your equipment as efficiently and productively as possible. Your life is spent on the road, and while you have a schedule and goals to hit (MPG levels, on-time deliveries, etc.), above all, one of the great perks of your job

Lytx DriveCam
How driver-facing cameras work

Driver-facing cameras are generally part of a larger video telematics system, which is made up of a series of cameras and sensors that monitor driver and truck behavior and set alerts to the fleet manager if certain parameters are exceeded or violated. These parameters are typically customizable and are set by the fleet—for instance, a

Blockchain and trucking: Better information, better efficiency

Today’s trucking fleets have more access to real-time data about their drivers and the loads they carry than ever before. However, other parties involved in the supply chain may not have that level of access, and while they may have info about scheduled arrival times, real-time updates may not be available. Adverse weather conditions or

Easing ELD headaches for drivers

The ELD mandate and the recently enacted out-of-service enforcement can mean big headaches for fleets and drivers. Having a shored up ELD solution can help you retain drivers by giving them the confidence that the ELD system they’re provided with will stand up to a road-side inspection. “Compliance and safety and security are by far

How data-driven telematics systems can improve your current trucks

There’s one advantage that older legacy trucks have over the latest makes and models when it comes to telematics: history. With data streaming off trucks over the past three to five years, a wealth of historical data has been collected and analyzed by telematics providers that can make service suggestions based data from all the

Visions of the future: Where trucking’s possibilities and realities converge

Visions of trucking’s future are as nuanced as those who dare to picture it. The possibilities of today’s truck equipment technology serve as a sort of trucking Rorschach test—where one person looks at automated trucks and imagines a world without professional drivers, and others look at that same technology and can’t imagine that there wouldn’t

Visualizing the value of in-cab video

“There was a truck driver who was involved in a horrific accident.” Drew Schimelpfenig’s voice lowered to a grave tone as he recalled the story. “It was a situation in which the driver was unable to drive the truck away from the accident and he was second guessing if he had done everything he could

Omnitracs, Samsung pair up on ELD solution

Omnitracs, LLC announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to help the transportation industry address the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate. The partnership drives the creation of a fully integrated joint solution, combining Samsung mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and security solutions with Omnitracs’ XRS fleet management software

Omnitracs strengthens partnership with C.H. Robinson

Omnitracs announced that C.H. Robinson, a third-party logistics (3PL) and supply chain management provider, is committed to long-term use of the Omnitracs Virtual Load View (VLV) application to provide continued visibility into load tracking. Since January 2017, C.H. Robinson has continuously increased the number of loads tracked through Virtual Load View. VLV obtains position data

Optimizing onboard data-driven systems to mitigate downtime

Onboard intelligence gives fleet managers all the details needed to manage maintenance effectively when vehicles are on the road or in the shop. Everything you need to know, and then some, is available as a reference for service and troubleshooting. Predictive maintenance practices Minneapolis-based Koch Trucking is an over-the-road carrier with 900 power units, mostly

Omnitracs registers its ELD with FMCSA

Omnitracs LLC has completed testing on its electronic logging device (ELD) solution that meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s ELD Mandate, which goes into effect on Dec. 18. Omnitracs’ Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) is now registered with the FMCSA on their self-certification list, which ensures that users of current Omnitracs solutions will be compliant with the