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Serjon highlights cybersecurity training as tech connects trucks

After successful attacks on large fleets, Serjon says it’s important to keep all employees trained on detecting cybersecurity threats.

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Safeguarding fleet success through data security

A breach in security can cause some serious problems and the malware being used is getting even more sophisticated.

ATA’s Transportation Security Council recognizes fleets

Trucking companies were recognized for security and loss prevention efforts.

Trailer tracking tips to address theft

Cargo theft ticked up in 2020 during the pandemic and continues to plague fleets. Even the mere threat of a trailer gone missing can cause a cold sweat. So what if you could track it? In the same way you can pinpoint a missing cell phone, you can track a trailer. But it’s not just

Protecting your truck data privacy

If you’re a fleet manager, you aren’t just concerned about running a fleet of trucks. You’re also trying to grow a business, so in the case of many of you, I’m willing to bet there’s a good chance you’re using modern fleet management technology to streamline office operations, coordinate dispatching and remotely monitor fleet maintenance

Getting a sense of trailer location, cargo status solutions

There’s a cautionary tale told in whispers at fleet industry events of a fleet manager who was plagued by the problem of lost trailers. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to keep track of his cargo carriers. Where were they? Were they loaded? Unloaded? Maintained? These are the questions he mumbled to

Phillips Connect combats trailer cargo theft with two new products

Phillips Connect has released two new SmartLock products designed to safeguard trailer loads–the Phillips Connect SmartLock Gladhand and the SmartLock Door. The SmartLock products ensure that only authorized persons can move or unload the trailer they are attached to, and both are activated or deactivated by a digitally authenticated command completely controlled via Bluetooth LE

Truck cargo theft happens: Here’s how to avoid it

Cargo theft is a major concern for fleets and incidences ramped up in 2020. To avoid stolen trucks or items, it’s important to look at the data, determine threat conditions and more. In this Q&A, Scott Cornell, transportation and lead crime and theft specialist at Travelers, walks through what his company does to identify signs

Combating cyber attacks with the right security practices

Cyber attacks have increased dramatically over the past year. In fact, 2020 set a record for the number of cyber attacks, and the headlines keep coming. Whether it’s last year’s SolarWinds attack or more recently the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack–the threat is real. For many businesses, including fleets and truck service locations, it’s not so

The SolarWinds attack, cybersecurity and trucking

I was certain that my cell phone had been hacked. I had been scrolling through search results in the browser app when I got a text message from my father-in-law. The phone, by itself, switched to the text messaging app, typed a gibberish message (except for the swear word that was spelled correctly) and sent

From equipment to emails: A cybersecurity primer

Disruptive events, like a global pandemic, create opportunity for digital crime, according to Mimecast, a company specializing in cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, including security, archiving, and continuity services to protect business mail. And transportation has been a high-level target in the past several weeks. According to a recent report

From equipment to emails cybersecurity primer
Transport Security provides Enforcer security kit

Transport Security Inc. Enforcer, provider of security solutions for the transportation and supply chain sectors, announced an addition to their High Security Lock product line for trucking professionals to secure their trucks and trailers from cargo theft. The Enforcer security kit provides trucking professionals with the security tools that are needed to secure their trucks

Transport Security Enforcer Kit