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Technology to mitigate skyrocketing insurance premiums

While the social and economic impacts of the pandemic have been front and center this year, insurance has remained a top concern among fleet leaders in 2020. In its annual report, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) listed insurance cost and availability as the fifth most pressing issue facing trucking. In fact, ATRI’s annual Operational

Digital Dollars trucking data value
What to know before your truck cameras start rolling

You need to set the right tone within your fleet before implementing a video telematics system. Transparency and openness to make a system successful. You have to get your drivers’ buy-in, or at very least head off any Big Brother-like feelings at the pass. You want to be able to share the purpose and plan

Seeing your safety improvement needs with video telematics

Context. It’s essential when it comes to driver training and increasing your fleet’s operational safety. Telematics data goes a long way in detailing what happened out on the road, but today’s video telematics systems can actually show you what happened. That hard-braking notification you have in your inbox? That saved not only your equipment but

Seeing your safety improvement needs with video telematics SmartDrive Unscripted
SmartDrive highlights transportation industry trends, best practices

SmartDrive Systems concluded the second of its customer conferences that focused on shared learning and collaboration amongst transportation industry leaders.  Many of the conference sessions focused on best practices in transportation safety, with an emphasis on the use of video-based safety and analytics to minimize risk and enhance operational efficiencies by improving driver behavior. Customers

SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform announced

SmartDrive Systems has launched the SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform and SR4 hardware, which the company says will deliver driving performance insights and analytic intelligence by fusing data from all systems, all sensors and the operating environment. The SmartDrive Transportation Intelligence Platform includes SR4 hardware, triggering and risk identification, analytics powered by SmartDrive SmartIQ, and a

SmartDrive introduces SmartSense suite of driver-assist sensors

SmartDrive Systems introduced SmartSense, a new line of intelligent driver-assist sensors designed to identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs. By combining sensors with engine computer data, telematics, accelerometer and SmartDrive analytic data, the company has developed “smart sensors” that deliver new levels of accurate risk identification.

SmartDrive Systems enhances its video analytics platform

SmartDrive Systems has announced the latest release of its video analytics platform and safety program. Enhancements to the platform include extended recording, enhanced coaching workflow, and more access to videos. According to the company, this new version is aimed at creating a higher ROI for fleets. Unlike other solutions, accessing the new SmartDrive capabilities does

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SmartDrive introduces SmartIQ Segmentation

SmartDrive Systems has introduced SmartIQ Segmentation, an expansion of its Transportation Intelligence Suite, which enables fleets to target optimization strategies based on relevant and predictive performance differences across driver and vehicle segments. SmartIQ Segmentation correlates a range of different data sources on and off the vehicle to create actionable performance comparisons across driver segments like collision

SmartDrive introduces the video-based safety SmartChoice Program

SmartDrive Systems, a provider of driving performance solutions that aim to reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, announced the SmartDrive SmartChoice Program, a new video-based safety program that provides fleets the freedom to choose the level of video protection that best aligns with their specific business priorities and needs. The company hopes to provide flexibility in video-based

Watch: Truck equipment technology update: Take a tour of the ATA MC&E trade show floor

Fleet Equipment is giving you an all-access pass to the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition trade show floor. There was plenty of new technology to see and news from truck manufacturers and technology suppliers. In the video above, we’ll talk with some of the top industry minds to get a handle on today’s truck

TBHC Delivers employs SmartDrive Systems, improves safety score

SmartDrive Systems, creator of safety solutions for vehicles, has announced that the TBHC Delivers distribution company has deployed SmartDrive’s video-based safety program across its entire fleet. TBHC uses the information its gleans from the SmartDrive system to ensure better driver performance evaluation across the company. TBHC, distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza, establish a video-based driver improvement program that wasn’t

SmartDrive releases results of customer scorecard

SmartDrive Systems recently released the results of its customer scorecard. The company recently surveyed its customer base to uncover how its services and solutions ranks in a range of categories, including overall value, service, support, timeliness, flexibility and more. Customers responded based on a letter grade scale—with A being the highest and F the lowest—and