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The ‘S’ Factors

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As a fleet manager, you need to be confident your vehicle will be on the road every day. But, when your vehicle does not start, do you know what factors determine the best jump starting system for your needs? When it comes to determining your output needs, start with the three S’s. 


Is time on your side, or are you usually working against the clock? Low-amperage units can start the same vehicles as their high-amperage cousins. But, it can take more time to start a vehicle with lower amperage output versus higher amperage output. If downtime is your nemesis, choose a more powerful Goodall jump starting unit to get the job done right. Goodall’s powerful 12V or 12/24V jump-starting and battery charging units are perfect for getting residential and off-road construction equipment, transit buses, and other 24V powered vehicles up and running, even in harsh conditions.


Do you consistently jump start your vehicles multiple times a day? Or, do you only occasionally need to get a vehicle up and running. If you need to jump-start multiple vehicles per day, look for Goodall’s engine-powered jump starting units that can crank out just a few or as many starts as you need (if properly fueled). If your needs are less frequent, consider one of the Super Boost-All® series or a Start-All® Jump Pack with a Lithium Battery. Battery-powered units provide instant vehicle boosting, but a limited number of starts before recharging the batteries. The Super Boost-All can be recharged on the go when integrated into a service vehicle. The Jump Packs can be recharged after fully depleted within 6-8 hours. 


Per Product Category Higher output = Higher price. That’s a given. But does downtime cost even more? The real consideration is what we call ROI: Return on Output Investment. If you need quicker boosting power to get your vehicles back on the road fast, then a higher-amp output also boosts your ROI. But, if your starting needs are less frequent (or not time-sensitive), you may be better off with a rechargeable or more portable unit that is designed for less frequent starts. If you often need to be in two places at once, you might consider the option of multiple units that provide different starting options.

*Statistics are approximate as conditions may vary (temperature, battery condition, etc.)*

Vanair’s Goodall® line offers a wide range of options to keep your fleet operating, such as:

Start•All®/Cap•Start® Engine Drive

Powerful 12V or 12/24V jump-starting and battery charging for those who need residential and off-road construction equipment, transit buses, and other 24V powered vehicles up and running, even in harsh conditions.

Cap•Start® Battery Powered

Vanair’s Cap•Start® comes in a convenient vehicle-mount package that is powered by a super-capacitor and (2) group 31 ACM batteries. The Cap•Start® 1500 is capable of being mounted in the rear of a pickup truck or between the side packs of a service vehicle to provide countless jump-starts. The Cap•Start® 1500 is available with cables, battery boxes, and batteries.

Boost•All®/Super Boost•All®

A jump-starting solution for repair shops, parking lots, and garages. While not designed for continuous jump starts, the Boost•All® offers economy without skimping on quality. This unit provides 12/24V, battery-powered jump starting in a narrow, 20″ wide portable unit with makes maneuvering between rows of parked vehicles a snap.

Start•All® Jump Packs

The new Start•All® Jump-Pack series are compact, powerful, lightweight lithium-ion cobalt jump starters. The innovative unit instantly starts up to a Class 8 Truck and off-road equipment. The units also feature a personal power bank to keep all your electronics charged, such as cell phones, smartwatches, computers, and speakers.

Available in both 12V and 24V systems and weighing in at just 11 lbs, the units are easy to use and store. Engineered with Vanair’s new Protect-AllTM Technology, the units provide safety features including reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection, and over-discharge protection.

For more information contact Vanair® at 800-526-8817 or [email protected] 

Vanair® has been providing mobile power solutions since 1972. The company offers the most extensive line of mobile air compressors, generators, welders, battery boosters, battery chargers, hydraulics, and engine starting equipment in the world. Vanair® is an engineering-driven company with a reputation for problem-solving that attracts top talent.

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The ‘S’ Factors

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