Three laws of truck technology

Three laws of truck technology

Surrounded by the latest trucks and equipment, the buzz of two talking points zipped through every booth–connected autonomous trucks and electrification. While forward-looking talk is fun, there’s one question that remains: How is this technology impacting your fleet today?

We walked the North American Commercial Vehicle show floor in search of the answer on this episode of On the Road.

News stories referenced:

Daimler Trucks tests platooning systems on U.S. highways

Mack Trucks introduces Anthem on-highway truck

Mack Trucks makes Bendix Wingman Fusion standard on new Anthem

Cummins reveals fully electric Class 7 truck, provides update on diesel engines

Cummins highlights upcoming X12 engine, additional technology at NACV

Detroit Connect Analytics Safety Reporting to be available with Detroit Assurance

International Truck launches severe service HV Series

Volvo introduces 2017 powertrain lineup

NACFE ‘Run on Less’ achieves 10 MPG average, conquers real-world challenges

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