The truck service similarity between ADAS and aftertreatment
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The truck service similarity between ADAS and aftertreatment

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, like advanced cruise control and active lane keep assist technologies are helping to improve truck safety, but these systems are starting to create service mysteries for shops as they roll into bays.

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they’re complex systems that can make seemingly basic repairs like a windshield replacement a costly and time-consuming service due to the cameras that are built into glass. While that was an early example of ADAS’s impact on service, the fault codes and complications are growing. Certain ADAS-related faults can even cause the truck to put the engine in a derate situation. This can lead to driver confusion and costly downtime.

When a truck rolls into the bay, here are a few quick ADAS service tips.

Starting by running a diagnostic software tool that shows a system view of what’s on the vehicle that includes key vehicle components.

• Look for frayed wires, corroded connectors, or blown fuses. 

• And equipment like cameras and radars should be checked to make sure they’re unobstructed by things like road debris, snow, and ice.

I’m going to start talking all this through with our technicians so they’re ready when the truck rolls in.

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