Truck Technology Trend of the Year

Truck Technology Trend of the Year

Could it be data, telematics, or artificial intelligence? Find out what trucking's biggest technology trend was in 2023.

This month, FE’s On the Road series is calling out the top truck equipment trends of the year. This year, we’re taking a look at, not one but, four significant trends. We’ve already touted our heavy-duty and medium-duty equipment trends in previous episodes. And now we’re naming the Truck Technology Trend of th Year.

And the trend is…

The expansion of telematics capabilities!

Sure, it’s kind of a broad trend, but the use of actionable data services that aid fleets in better managing their equipment has grown considerably this year. Take tire management technology for example. Bridgestone, for instance, has integrated its tire pressure monitoring system, IntelliTire, into the MyGeotab Marketplace, providing users with comprehensive tire management capabilities.

The expansion isn’t limited to tires. Significant strides were made in other truck management and component arenas. Data and connected technology are permeating more and more truck equipment and systems, and it’s not just data for data’s sake. The data and insights are actionable and impact fleet management. Watch the video for a full rundown of how truck telematics technology expanded in big ways this year.

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