Four reasons to use smart truck technology

Four reasons to use smart truck technology

As truck telematics continues to evolve, it is important to stay ahead of the curve on intelligence and data science. Only smart technology can provide the actionable intelligence that will help fleets make better, more precise maintenance decisions and improve their operations. Many people aren’t aware that wheel hubs and the vehicle area network they create can be used to gather some important data in trucking.

Here are four things you can do with smart devices:

  1. Implement geofencing. You can streamline your asset utilization with detailed asset tracking and fully customizable geofencing toolkit. Locate an asset and establish custom alerts when assets reach a destination or leave a designated yard or distribution center.
  2. Fix tires at the right time. Wheel hub technology enables you to improve tire maintenance decisions to extend tire life and improve safety by actively monitoring tire health. This includes individual tire pressure monitoring as well as alerts for under- and over inflation, slow/fast leaks and tire temperature.
  3. Maintain the health of all trailer air-supplied systems. Customize the maintenance of your air supply system by constantly monitoring the air pressure and adjusting as needed. This is designed for both pre-trip inspection and while en route, and includes actionable disconnection and low-pressure alerts.
  4. Ensure weight is evenly distributed. Watch to make sure weight is being evenly distributed across axles with an air-suspension-based axle load monitoring system. Designed to inform fleet managers and drivers of weight distribution across axles while a vehicle is stationary, load adjustments can be made pre-trip to reduce fines and violations en route.

A new age for commercial trucking is dawning. Data will drive this revolution, and ultimately change every aspect of commercial operations with significant improvements to safety and efficiency. Integrating smart technology into your fleet will help you keep pace with a rapidly changing industry.

Beto Dantas is the chief technology and innovation officer at ConMet.

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