Peterbilt demonstrates its SuperTruck II at CES

Peterbilt SuperTruck 2 takes center stage at CES

The OEM tells us how they exceeded DOE freight efficiency expectations.

The Peterbilt SuperTruck 2 stood tall in one of the technology world’s brightest spotlights. The OEM announced the results of its SuperTruck 2 program at CES in the PACCAR exhibit in the Las Vegas Convention Center—exceeding the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) freight efficiency goals with a 132% improvement in freight efficiency.

One of the critical areas of development for the SuperTruck 2 was advanced aerodynamics. The Peterbilt team focused on creating the most aerodynamic shape possible to reduce air resistance, a crucial factor in enhancing fuel efficiency, while at the same time reducing weight. The SuperTruck 2 is approximately 500 lbs. lighter than its current production counterparts. This reduction in weight translates to increased fuel efficiency and better handling, crucial for long-haul trucking, noted Jacob White, product marketing director at Peterbilt, who took the time out of a busy show schedule to connect with Fleet Equipment from CES.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the SuperTruck 2 is its advanced mild hybrid powertrain, which uses a 48-volt system paired with an advanced 15-liter diesel engine. This system powers the vehicle’s accessories and assists with propulsion. The hybrid system is not only a step towards cleaner energy but also contributes significantly to the truck’s overall freight efficiency, White noted.

Another stand out feature is the center drive position that improves overall visibility, a right-hand entry stand-up door, pop-out windows, cameras in place of mirrors. Check it out:

Behind the wheel of the Peterbilt SuperTruck 2

The split-level integral cab and sleeper features a large, wrap-around dash, 15 in. digital dash display for virtual gauges and critical vehicle data, an additional display for HVAC, infotainment and navigation controls, an articulated seat that rotates left and right and a pull-out desk.

Watch the video for more Peterbilt SuperTruck 2 specs and design insight from White.


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