Volvo Trucks launches Volvo Connect fleet management portal

Volvo Trucks launches Volvo Connect fleet management portal

The OEM's new fleet management portal was announced at ATA's MCE.

Volvo Trucks North America announced a new fleet management portal called Volvo Connect, which provides fleets with a wide variety of near-real-time data on the health and performance of their trucks, including fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle speed, seat belt information, and location information.

Volvo Connect allows fleet managers to access the status of all Volvo trucks in their fleet that have a factory-installed 4G Telematics Gateway. The portal provides the ability to check and monitor whether parameters such as maximum allowed road speed and idle shutdown are set correctly and optimized for a truck’s specific transport assignment. Volvo Connect provides Remote Diagnostics and Remote Programming visibility showing fleets whether the trucks have fault codes, as well as over-the-air software updates. Exportable reports with key performance metrics are also offered, Volvo Trucks noted.

Remote Diagnostics allows fleets to monitor select data from each of their trucks. Fleets can see fault codes, keep the history of any ASIST cases that have been created through Remote Diagnostics monitoring, and view the records from the Volvo Connect portal. Maintenance and repairs can be scheduled via the ASIST service management platform when it is convenient for the driver, Volvo notes. Built-in location services and a detailed map are also offered.

Volvo execs went into detail on this and a few other topics at ATA MCE; read our story here.

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