What is the proper vehicle condition report (VCR) process?
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What is the proper vehicle condition report (VCR) process?


Stuart suggests: Ensure that your process is working. You’ll need a VCR at the end of each tour of duty (according to FMCSA 396.11-396.13, which can be viewed at www.fmcsa.dot.gov/rules). Understand the requirements and make sure there is a plan for the end of each day, the end of a trip or the close of a tour of duty. Understand what “tour of duty” means. All work should have a VCR filled out prior to any repairs, a documented request. This helps control cost from overzealous individuals seeking vehicle perfection. If you can’t request it in writing, it may not be necessary in between PMs.

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Have a process:
1. Require a three-part form VCR, book style.
   a. Drivers copy (Pink)
      i. Book and copy to be retained in the vehicle, signed when the work is completed.
   b. Dispatch copy.(Yellow)
      i. To be review by supervisor; he/she is able to head off issues and can help control some costs and improve communications between all three parties (driver, shop, operations), if he or she chooses.
   c. Repairing facility copy (White)
      i. The work requesting and authorizing copy that the repairing facility sets up during the repair process. The repair requesting document and, in some cases authorization form, are important documentation.

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