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ACT Research: September used truck metrics show volumes up YTD


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

According to the numbers from ACT Research, used Class 8 same dealer sales volumes were up 24% year-to-date against the first nine months of 2019, with average price, miles and age all below September 2019 year-to-date rates, down 14%, 2%, and 9%, respectively.

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Near term, the report also indicated that used Class 8 sales volumes rose, up 3% sequentially, with average price rising 2% month-over-month, ACT Research says. Average miles and age were both flat compared to August.

“Input from dealers with whom we communicated over the past month confirms that the recovery in the market remains on track, though it is showing some signs of slowing,” said Steve Tam, vice president at ACT Research. “Surprisingly bullish new truck buyers and used truck customers showing a marked increase in interest are taking advantage of situational circumstances. At the beginning of the pandemic, the industry cut loose more than 100,000 for-hire truck drivers, and because the overwhelming majority of them have yet to return to work, capacity is artificially being squeezed; there is too much freight from consumers’ transition from services to goods, but not enough drivers.”



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