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NRS galvanized brake pads wins award

NRS Brakes earned AutoGuides Editor Choice Award for Best Brakes for the third consecutive year. NRS Brakes offers galvanized brake pads manufactured in Canada and the USA. NRS Brake pads are galvanized for rust protection. Some aftermarket painted pads rust prematurely, according to NRS, and must be replaced more often. NRS brakes uses its Nucap

Trailer stability systems maintenance to keep tractor-trailers safe

Whether your fleet is large, small, or a single tractor-trailer, nobody wants to deal with a rollover: They’re dangerous, expensive, and can be damaging to your reputation. So let’s look at the operation and maintenance of trailer roll stability systems that are designed to help prevent rollovers. The Basics of Trailer Stability A trailer roll

The best way to combat brake corrosion

Finally, the sun is shining and there’s no better feeling than revving up the engine, rolling down the windows and hitting the open road. But after months of plowing through highly corrosive deicing chemicals that are laid down on roadways across the country, there could be a vehicle service concern when it comes to the

Diesel particulate filter fleet maintenance options and risk assessment

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems will cause an engine to lose power, have a lower fuel economy, cause poor throttle responses and can make a truck’s engine harder to start. These issues can limit engine performance and prevent the truck from moving. When trucks are not in service neither is your business. DPF preventative maintenance

Benefits the customer can expect with Durafit DPFs

As demands for cleaner emissions increase, the designers of diesel aftertreatment systems continue to focus on ways to improve the performance of those systems to remove more particulate matter, and improve the overall efficiency of the filtration installed on the vehicle. Improvements targeted included enhancement of the coating on the substrate to improve chemical reactions

Focus on heavy-duty truck diesel fuel efficiency

As a fleet manager, you feel the pain at the pump when today’s diesel prices spike to set new record highs. It quickly snaps your focus back to the equipment and technology you need to consider for the truck you’re spec’ing today. It’s time for a refresher course on hyper fuel efficient truck equipment options.

DPF failures and common causes

The truck’s DPF removes diesel soot from the exhaust emissions of a diesel engine, and like any other filter, it slowly gets clogged up with the soot that it traps and if not serviced when required most likely fails. What are the a few key common causes of DPF failure? High Idle Times. High idle

Durafit DPF features and benefits

Manufactured in Hobart, Ind., Durafit is the only vertically integrated DPF manufacturer in the aftermarket. What does that mean? We control the technology, manufacturing process and product performance; Durafit utilizes our own coating designs; state of the art coating process; steel processing; and canning and wielding capabilities. The Durafit DPF features: OEM grade substrate; Advanced catalysts

Five maintenance tips to keep your refrigeration unit running

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring the safe and successful transport of temperature-sensitive goods. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about: the reliability of your refrigeration unit. Completing an annual inspection, following the maintenance inspection schedule, and adhering to a pre-trip inspection before every load are just a few tips to

Olympic Truck Service is Drive’s latest Shop Spotlight

Dan and Kris Bullinger, owners of Olympic Truck Service in Olympia, Wash., feel lucky to be able to attend their kids’ sports events and school functions without having to ask for time off. The shop is in the heart of the South Puget Sound region, and the area has a clean and outdoorsy vibe. Dan,

Eight tips to prepare your trucks for winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. You know the drill: falling temperatures, snow, and ice hitting large swaths of North America, presenting challenges for trucks and fleets. Now is the time to prepare. With harsh weather looming, this installment of the Bendix Tech Tips Series serves up eight pieces of advice for wheel-ends, air

Tips for troubleshooting advanced safety systems

A dashboard warning light can send a simple and clear message: Something on your truck needs to be checked. But on today’s complex vehicles – and particularly when it comes to their increasingly interconnected safety systems – knowing exactly how and what to check can mean the difference between hours and days of costly downtime.This

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