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Olympic Truck Service is Drive’s latest Shop Spotlight

Dan and Kris Bullinger, owners of Olympic Truck Service in Olympia, Wash., feel lucky to be able to attend their kids’ sports events and school functions without having to ask for time off. The shop is in the heart of the South Puget Sound region, and the area has a clean and outdoorsy vibe. Dan,

Eight tips to prepare your trucks for winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. You know the drill: falling temperatures, snow, and ice hitting large swaths of North America, presenting challenges for trucks and fleets. Now is the time to prepare. With harsh weather looming, this installment of the Bendix Tech Tips Series serves up eight pieces of advice for wheel-ends, air

Tips for troubleshooting advanced safety systems

A dashboard warning light can send a simple and clear message: Something on your truck needs to be checked. But on today’s complex vehicles – and particularly when it comes to their increasingly interconnected safety systems – knowing exactly how and what to check can mean the difference between hours and days of costly downtime.This

Bendix Wingman Fusion
Diagnosing codes on heavy-duty vehicles

Codes are not complex. They are set when the data from a sensor or component falls outside of the normal operating parameters. Also, codes can be set when the control module detects an implausible input or result for a given situation. This is often referred to as the “criteria” for setting the code. All codes

Wheel hub locking nut tips for conventional, spacer setups

In a typical HD wheel hub assembly, the locking nut is used to hold assembly together and also set the bearing end play (for conventional setups). There are many types of lock nuts in use. The most common ones include:• Conventional Dowel Type (Double Nut)• Single nut with separate keeper (Ex: Stemco’s Protorq)• Integrated design

What you need to know about pre-adjusted wheel bearing

For the Heavy Duty truck market, there is an option to use pre-adjusted wheel bearing sets with spacers or conventional wheel bearing sets. Pre-Adjusted sets are typically used with a spacer setup. We get the question “Can a technician use a conventional bearing set with a spacer in place of a pre-adjusted set”. Short answer

Tech Tip: Can you find ROI in air and electrical?

During a time when the cost of business has been on a steady incline everywhere, it is imperative to make conscientious and sound financial decisions. From a fleet or owner-operator perspective, time spent on roadside repairs and maintenance, whether planned or unplanned, is a cost of doing business that almost always results in a monetary

Networks will soon shut down 3G service—make sure your fleet’s up to date

Do you know how many devices in your fleet run on a 3G cellular network? If not, now’s the time to start taking inventory. The so-called “3G sunset” is nigh, with major network providers like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T set to shut down their 3G service within the coming 12 months. For fleets still operating

Fleet profile: Safety is job one at Canada Cartage

For Tony Palmerio, national safety and compliance manager for Canada Cartage, running a tight ship when it comes to safety requires multiple mindsets. “We have to think in legal terms, which means if your safety program is not documented, it didn’t happen,” he said, “but that’s not all. We have to think like an insurance

It’s National Tire Safety Week: Here are some tire pressure tips

Proper tire pressure matters so much. With National Tire Safety Week 2021 coming up, the following tips from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems remind fleets and owner-operators across North America just how big an impact the air in your tires has on how much fuel you burn, how much downtime you risk and the effectiveness of

Bendix offers tips to extend disc brake pad, rotor life

This Tech Tip, provided by Bendix, series addresses actions that fleets and owner-operators can take to protect that investment and extend the life of their air disc brake (ADB) pads and rotors. “The more people realize the benefits of air disc brakes, the more we want to help them maximize ADB advantages over the life

Help your truck technician team keep their cool this summer

As the global climate changes, many parts of the country are experiencing longer and more intense heat waves. Areas where working outside or in an open service bay may have been pleasant or only occasionally hot in the past are now suffering from increasingly severe heat events. When temperatures get high, people can overheat and