Durafit DPF features and benefits
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Durafit DPF features and benefits


Manufactured in Hobart, Ind., Durafit is the only vertically integrated DPF manufacturer in the aftermarket.

What does that mean?

We control the technology, manufacturing process and product performance; Durafit utilizes our own coating designs; state of the art coating process; steel processing; and canning and wielding capabilities.
The Durafit DPF features:

  • OEM grade substrate;
  • Advanced catalysts that improve performance efficiency and durability;
  • Upgraded matting, retaining rings and stainless steel materials help reduce  failure from vibration, back pressure, and extreme temperatures;
  • High grade stainless steel canisters resist corrosion and improves durability;
  • Precision-crafted flanges ensure a durable sealing surface to guard against leaks;
  • Gaskets and clamps included where required, which reduces installation time and cost;
  • Three-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty;
  • and made in the USA.

Tried. Tested. Proven. Durafit: building DPFs above standards.

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