Clarience Technologies brings Fus1on data platform to trucking fleets

Clarience Technologies brings Fus1on data platform to trucking fleets

The company also initiates development of Fus1on 2.0, aiming to enhance digital fleet solutions.

Clarience Technologies, a company specializing in safety and performance solutions for the transportation industry, has announced the commercial availability of its Fus1on data platform. This platform, previously used internally, is now accessible to external customers. The company is also developing Fus1on 2.0, aiming to expand the platform’s scope beyond advanced trailer telematics to encompass broader smart fleet solutions.

Nada Jiddou, chief digital officer at Clarience Technologies, described Fus1on as a comprehensive digital ecosystem that integrates various data points within the transportation sector. According to Jiddou, Fus1on enables more informed decision-making, increased efficiency, cost reduction, and improved safety for users.


Initially launched in October 2022, Fus1on served as the digital backbone for Clarience Technologies’ Road Ready advanced telematics solutions. The majority of Road Ready’s customer subscriptions have since migrated to the Fus1on platform, with a full transition expected by year-end.

The Fus1on platform is designed to address the challenge of interpreting and deriving insights from diverse fleet data sources. This includes data from truck and trailer telematics, repair management platforms, transportation management systems (TMS), electronic driver logs, automated inspections, and asset lease management systems.

Jiddou highlighted the difficulty that large commercial carriers face in integrating and making sense of data from various sources. Fus1on aims to tackle this challenge directly.

The Fus1on platform offers a unified architecture that consolidates data from different systems, providing a comprehensive view of operational, financial, and temporal aspects of fleet operations. It also incorporates AI and machine learning capabilities, which adapt and enhance insights as more data is collected. The platform is designed for future integration with predictive or generative AI tools.

Clarience Technologies is simultaneously expanding its software development team to enhance the Fus1on platform. Fus1on 2.0, expected to introduce additional features and functionalities, is scheduled for release in early 2024. The new version aims to further meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry.

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