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Combating Corrosion – How trailer makers are preventing moisture from leading to higher trailer costs and shorter service life!

Combating corrosion on both sides of the trailer flooring is the answer, and only one trailer flooring manufacturer continues to innovative and bring new types of flooring and floor saving solutions to market each year!

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Many trailer manufacturers are testing approaches to combat corrosion by replacing corrosive metal with non-corrosive composite materials and applying coating systems on the metal components to improve the trailer service life! Although, only a few are innovating to prevent moisture in trailer flooring on both sides of the flooring!

According to Chris Wolford, Chief Sales Officer for Rockland Flooring. “The entire underside of a trailer’s floor is subject to many extremes, including water, so it’s a great place for fleets to invest in additional moisture protection”. Chris goes on to say, “most undercoating’s, though, will wear off over time and require routine maintenance, so protecting the floor from the start is imperative to achieving maximum performance and life”.

For example, Wolford notes that composite floors like Rockland’s Defender 24 and Defender MAX products provide a hard, impermeable barrier that prevents water entry into the cargo area and protects the wood where it’s most vulnerable. Composite floors, like Rockland’s, require little, if any, regular maintenance!

Top coatings are also a popular option when it comes to protecting the surface of a trailer floor and reducing water absorption from the inside, Wolford adds. The company’s Wax Guard top coating, he notes, is especially beneficial for carriers who leave their rear doors open for extended periods of time. Also available from Rockland is the Grip Guard surface protection package, which is favored by the food service industry due to its protective qualities and ease of cleaning.

This article was sponsored by Rockland Flooring. To learn more about Combating Corrosion with your trailer floors, please visit Rockland Flooring’s website at!


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