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Communicate the benefits of telematics to your drivers


Verizon Networkfleet reports that installing a fleet management system represents a major change for most organizations, and employees often have concerns about how it will impact their jobs. In particular, drivers may wonder how tracking of their vehicles will affect their day-to-day work, and they may also feel that it’s an invasion of their privacy.

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Verizon Networkfleet has published an eBook to overcome these concerns. The eBook communicates the many benefits employees can receive by having a fleet management solution. Reasons included in the book are as follows:

  • Protecting drivers in remote areas;
  • Exonerating drivers from wrongful blame;
  • Responding more quickly to roadside emergencies;
  • Recovering stolen vehicles;
  • Controlling costs, improving productivity and making everyone’s job safer, easier and more efficient.

Download the eBook, “Get the Most Out of GPS Tracking By Communicating the Benefits to Your Drivers,” here.



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